Atmosflares – This iPhone Game is Exploding with Puzzles

Play Atmosflares and journey through eight planets with tons of challenges. Each level is set on a specific planet and flares of differing colors will bounce up and down the screen. Your mission is to explode enough flares within a certain time limit. Do so and progress to the next level and eventually the next planet. Fail to do so and you’ll be starting over.
As the different color flares shoot off on the screen, you’ll want to tap them and then tap“explode” before they disappear. You also want to do your best to explode flares of the same color together so that you can score extra points for combining them together. So just use the touch pad interface to select the flares you want and then press the “explode” icon to explode them. What separates this game from other interactive puzzle games is that it is loaded with extra features. The most interesting feature is how many power features they have put in the game.
There are tons of powers that you can collect in the game. They will appear on your screen in the same fashion that the flares do. But you will know that it is a power because it will have a symbol on it to represent what power it is. These powers will help you to win the level more easily. I think this makes it more fun than just trying to match up combinations of flares. Some powers will make all the flares the same color, others will slow down how fast the flares are moving and still others will make it so that you can double your points per explosion you make. There are many other powers in the game too that are not described here.
So far Atmosflares sounds pretty easy. But there are other challenges besides just running out of time. While there are flares with powers that can help you, there are also flares that can hurt you. If accidently selected, some flares will make all flares in the game tiny so you cannot easily select them. Others will make the flares shoot even quicker than usual. This gives the game a whole new twist of challenges that will keep you on your toes.
The power features they added to the game mixes things up so you are playing a new and different game every time. And as you progress through the levels you’ll unlock new types of powers too! This game is really fun for any age group. Especially because it is really easy to master this game once you have learned all the rules.
The only downside is that it is not that challenging of a game. The game has set the number of points you need to go on to the next level to be quite low. So if you only pay attention to this when you are playing, it might not be very fun. But if you just focus on exploding the flares instead of beating the score needed, it is a lot more fun this way.

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