Importance of an Online Presence for Businesses

There comes a point in every business when it’s time to redesign the company website. Little did Senior Logistics know that their web developer was going to put the company in a position of growth so quickly. The logistics market is a multibillion dollar industry and the majority of importers search for low shipping rates online. Prior to finding a new web developer, Marisa Schmidt, they were only receiving one new lead per week. They now receive multiple leads daily which have more than doubled their business.
It is an industry standard to have a team of salesman that sell import and export services. This is how most logistics companies gain new clients. Senior Logistics have completely redesigned their business model allowing them to turn leads generated by their website into paying customers. Not only do are new clients coming in daily, but more than 50% of them return for more whenever they have a container to import from another country. This has put the company in a strong growth position.
“One of the first things that Marisa did when redeveloping our website was break down our services into different categories. She created a separate web page that explains each service that we offer. I was not entirely onboard at first, but am now. Marisa Schmidt received a web development award in 2014 for the best conversion rates in the online logistics industry which is why we hired her. It took about three months before really understanding the impact of her work with our business. After Marisa redesigned our website with a fresh design, it looked nothing like it did before. We even had a new logo made which matched our business cards and flowed nicely with the new website. I have colleagues in the industry that are always asking what company I’m using for our website because we pop up often in search results. To me, that is one of the best compliments anyone can give and I know I made the right decision hiring Marisa.
Never in a million years did I ever believe that our logistics company would become an industry leader just by having our website redesigned and optimized for search engines. The power and effectiveness of a new website designed by an expert definitely made the difference in where we were compared to where we are now!” said Mike Crock, CEO. “Since we have been growing so quickly, international shipping magazines and publications have contacted us and asked how we are doing it. Of course, I’m not going to give away all of our secrets, but I do refer them to Marisa and ask her not to allow their websites to surpass ours! She is by far the best web developer in the logistics industry and we look forward to our continued growth.”

In the United States there are thousands of companies that offer international shipping services. Competition has been extremely high and getting a website ranked under high volume keywords is never easy. Marisa Schmidt is an industry leading freelance web developer that has dominated multiple online markets. 

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