Katy Perry Gets in Touch with Psychic 90210

It has come to light that Katy Perry is a psychic buff and she is now seeking advice from psychic Christopher Golden. While he charges $1200 for an hour of seeing someone’s future, this particular psychic isn’t the one to brag. Even though he has been interviewed several times and articles about him have been published, he has never mentioned the name of any celebrity and has always kept his client list completely private. In fact, when Hilary Duff separated from her husband, there were rumors that she been given that advice by psychic Christopher Golden. However, he denied any involvement in this matter via Twitter, but didn’t say that she wasn’t his client.

According to reports, BFFs Katy Perry and Rihanna had been consulting psychics for guidance in their career decisions, relationship issues, the future and how to find love and avoid heartbreak. Nancy Stevens is one of these psychics who was considered the fortune teller of the stars of Beverly Hills. But, in the past few years, the name of psychic Christopher Golden has also become a name to be reckoned with. As a matter of fact, the Wall Street Journal and the Huffington Post have said that he has become the go-to psychic for some of the major stars.

A quick Google search of Psychic to the stars can provide an endless list of names of all those who claim to be the advisers of famous people. But, in contrast, Christopher Golden, also known as Psychic 90210 remains a bit of a mystery. He doesn’t welcome this kind of publicity and shies away from it instead. About his clients, he doesn’t say that they are famous or rich. The only thing that he does say is that they suffer from normal and everyday problems just like everyone else.

In a few articles, the psychic discussed the business aspect of his work. In particular, he elaborated why psychics are used by celebrities and stars, but he didn’t mention any names. Nonetheless, there are some celebrities that have been associated with him and they include some very popular names such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, Ozzy Osborne, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, George Clooney and Katy Perry now. Christopher Golden is known to specialize in relationship issues and matters of the heart. It was said that in order to get over Chris Brown, Rihanna had sought the assistance of a psychic.

Psychic Christopher Golden specializes in helping people get over breakups and moving on from problems. Rihanna had been reported as saying that it was awful for her to see Chris and she had found it really difficult to move on. It was also said that Christopher Golden had been providing guidance to some of the Beverly Hills Housewives, but he didn’t want to appear on the show for the purpose of staying anonymous and avoiding publicity. When he was asked about the rumors regarding his services to Katy Perry, the psychic didn’t divulge any information about it.

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  1. Amazing how the rich and famous people get everything they want including getting to look into the future and ride in the space shuttle. I'm happy for them though. Someone's got to do it.