Lenovo A889; A Reasonable and Smart Phablet

Since the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007, the mobile world has been completely revolutionized. From smartphones, now manufacturers are shifting their focus onto making phablets. These devices are a hybrid of smartphones and tablets as they have unique features of both product categories rolled into one. Lenovo has also stayed ahead in this race and has introduced A889. The most obvious and notable feature of this device is the 6.0 inch display screen, which immediately categorizes it as a phablet rather than a regular smartphone. The size of the screen offers broad vision to its users, which can turn out to be a striking benefit for people wanting a phablet.

The screen size is the same as that of small tablets and is excellent for picture and video viewing. The touch-control operations can still be used smoothly, despite the size and its viewing angle is much better than seen before. In fact, the screen responds more quickly and portrays gorgeous colors, making it a very tempting device for tech freaks. Apart from the symbolic touch keys that are usually part of every device, the Lenovo A889 also has three other visualized keys at the bottom of the screen. One is the menu key, the second is the homepage key and the third one is unique in only Lenovo devices i.e. the return key from left to right.

This Lenovo phablet comes with both front and rear cameras with 300,000 and 800,000 million pixel respectively. The rear camera also comes with an LED flashlight and is excellent for the purpose of not just photography, but also designing. The automatic focus function is also fully supported by both cameras. The phone is running on the Android 4.2 OS so it has adopted the traditional desktop design used in most Android smartphones and tablets.

The traditional design has an independent interface and the programs are features from left to right. One of the most important aspects of this phablet is the desktop folder, which can prove to be immensely useful for people when they wish to sort out and manage their files. The Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor ensures fast and smooth operations on the device. It also boasts a RAM of 1 GB, which is substantial enough for running a wide array of programs without taxing the processor. The device also boasts 8GB worth of internal memory, which is enough for storing plenty of files.

Nonetheless, Lenovo has offered its users the option of extending their storage space by adding a memory card slot to the device. The battery life of the device is also impressive as a 2500mAh battery has been incorporated into the phablet. The Lenovo A889 also offers support for a plethora of media formats for pictures, videos, documents, ebooks and games. The device weighs 115 g, which is also quite reasonable compared to some heavyweight phablets out there. With the price tag somewhere near $151, the Lenovo A889 is one of the best yet cheapest phablet available in the market. Go ahead and order the phablet at http://www.lenovocart.com/.

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