Nadhaswaram TV Series

Naadhaswaram Gobi meets Gugan, and both talk about  Ragini’s marriage. Gobi came to home and discussed to his family members about Gugan’s plans. Gobi warns his dad, Please reconsider your decision because this is rahini’s Life. Chokkalingam refused to Gugan’s plans and got angry.He expected  Gugan come with his parents to get  approval  for  rahini’s marriage. Geetha told his dad to ask Rahini’s  opinion. Rahini also oppose to Gugan’s plan. Gobi asked Malar’s idea. She confused him more.

Subbu met josiyar on near Prasad house. He told Josiyar about piraisudan and prasad conversation. He said about Maha fight with Prasad regard money matterafterthat she called Gobi to his mobile asked about how you got money. Prasad heard Nadhaswaram Gobi’s voice on phone. After heard this, josiyar said this is laddu matter. This only you can tell first. Subbu and Josiyar planned  make something bad to Prasad immediately.Subbu said to josiyar, you should make problem to Prasad using your power.Josiyar said for my power have limit. I can’t use power to everywhere. They both planned to do something  against Prasad, to create problem between Gobi and Prasad. Unfortunately Maha heard all this conversation and she got angry.she came and fight with josiyar and subbu. Josiyar asked her to speak with respect. But maha refused to give respect to them and Threatened them both.

In lodge Palanisamy sit with rowdies in karaikudi, they planned to kidnap Gobi. Rowdies are teasing Palanisamy so he is got angry  and increased his sound to them. He asked to Meiyar, this is your native, why you take this much time to take kidnap Gobi. Meiyar replied to palanisamy take time and we do kidnap very safe.Finally meiyar convinced palanisamy make cool him.they planned to kidnap Gobi on next morning if time is good means.

Finally Prasad arrives home, Josiyar and subbu waiting for him in front of his home. Prasad arrived near they create drama against Maha and Gobi.Prasad trust josiyar words. After Prasad left the place, josiyar threatened to Maha.

Maha rushed to her mom’s house, parents looked shock of seeing her.they asked to maha any problem to your house.She said no. Maha asked them about money. She asked to parents, How money is transferred to another place. Her father doubted his son. Maha She contemplated.

Gobi and Guhan meet again. Gobi informed to him about his family decision. Gobi was explained about his family decision. Asked him to get his parents’ permission for marriage.Gobi gives confidence to Guhan.Asked him to talk with his parents regard his love with Rahini.

Sumathi (Sister of Rahini) had to sit and worry. Again she got call from unknown person. He blackmails her again.That unknown person asked her to come out from house. Once she came from her house that unknown person came near and threaten her. He struck sumathi on the cheek.he asked her to check mail.he blackmails her regarding send mail to everyone. Sumathi went inside the house and check her mail on her laptop. She is shocked at first sight mail. Rahini and Priya talk about dance competition.

Sumathi came to Gobi house.Sumathi searching Gobi in home. He is not there so he asked to malar. Malar said he went to shop in the morning itself. Sumathi told to malar, I tried calling him on the phone is off for last 30 minutes. Then she went out of the house.

Gaja long time wait for Gobi. Gobi is not yet come for shop. So Gaja arrive for Gobi’s house. He sees a bicycle on the way home.It was damaged and tried to call Gobi’s mobile it’s still switched off. He starts to cry.In Sumathi’s her parents talk about money and Prasad’s activities. They spoke very worried about their Son in Law. Meanwhile Gaja arrived Gobi’s house. He informed to Malar about Gobi and his cycle. Gobi’s family members started to worry about Gobi situation.  She was suspect Rasu’ll kidnap Gopi for her assets. Malar immediately went to Rasu house. In next episode will know what will happen and what happen to gopi where is he, these all things will know.

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