Use Canvas Printing For Your Home Decoration

Canvas is a good alternative to paper for printing artwork to be used for decorating your home. Canvas art on your wall is a real head turner and a good conversation starter for your guests. It adds elegance to a room and provides a focal point for a room that would otherwise have no character.
You need the right choice of canvas however; otherwise it will look out of place. When decorating your room with canvas, observe the following steps:
1.      Your canvas should match your room
Is your room bold, does it portray a masculine or feminine vibe, is it cheery? All these questions and many others will help you consider the mood you want your room to portray. Ignoring this could lead to having art that is out of place in your room.
If your room does not have a theme to define it, perhaps you could use your art and structure everything else around it. You might want to talk to an interior designer close to you to get some help.
The color you choose for your canvas should convey the intended mood. You don’t want dull colors on a canvas meant for your child’s room for instance. You want a lively color that will bring more life and bubbliness.

2.      Choose correct orientation
Orientation is vital in choosing canvas art that is suited to your house. If you want to create the illusion that a small room is larger than it appears, you should use canvas prints created in landscape format.
Find the right printer: Find a printer who is experienced with fine art printing on canvas. Remember, you want to impress, so quality is key. You do not want unsightly art hanging in your living room.
3.      Measure
There’s a chance that you could get an oversized or undersized canvas for your room. The only way to know if the canvas will be suited to your room’s dimensions is to measure the room.
A good way to measure is to hang a board that is similar in size to the canvas you intend to order. You’ll also get to see what the end result might look like on the wall as well as how it will make the room feel.
4.      Check compatibility with your furniture
Furniture constitutes most of the items in a room. You therefore want your art to complement your furniture. A large canvas can tend to overshadow your furniture. Consider whether your furniture is traditional or modern and buy the correct variety of canvas.
5.      Try different displays and arrangements
Your canvas does not necessarily have to be displayed on the wall. Consider displaying your art on your mantle. You can even lean a tall canvas that has a portrait dimension against a wall.
Experiment by displaying the art in different places and settle for the one that is most visually appealing to you.
If you have several pieces of canvas art, you can arrange them on a wall or mantel piece.
6.      Hang the canvas at the correct height
Art is meant for viewing; hang your canvas where it will provide maximum enjoyment to those it’s intended for.
 About the author
Jenny Richards  is an interior design expert and an artist with a passion for fine art printing services. She spends most of her time discovering and enhancing the various uses of canvas in your home. Visit her site to read more.

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