Make An App Today Even If You Don’t Know The ABC Of Coding

You have seen businesses and individuals benefiting from their applications for mobile phones and tablets and thought that you want to have one such application too. However, you are not coder or programmer and so you think you can never have your own app. Hiring an app developer doesn’t seem like a wise idea because of the huge costs involved. That’s when Mobidonia steps in and gives you the opportunity of doing something you would have never though you could do – creating your own app. Mobidonia is the platform where you are just as good as a professional app developer.

This is a unique platform created for people and businesses interesting in creating applications but with not enough budget and technical knowledge to do this. The many features of this platform make it the best deal for creating applications. Not only is the platform extremely easy to use even for a first time user but it also allows users to add all the different options they would like to add to their apps that a professional developer does. With cloud based hosting of the app and an extremely affordable pricing plan, Mobidonia is surely the solution for all those looking for mobile apps.

The platform provided by Mobidonia is extremely quick and allows users to create apps within a day. All the work on the application is done in the cloud. The online platform provided by Mobidonia allows the users to create their applications from the scratch, choose their color themes, add and subtract modules from the apps and update the app right in the cloud based environment. While the platform has its own ready options for users to use but they also have the freedom to make a custom add by adding custom modules.

There are 25 different modules available for users to make use of when creating their application. As you continue to create the application on the platform the Mobidonia platform continues to give you some suggestions too. At the same time, all the work you are doing on your app can be seen in real time with the help of Mobidonia’s app simulator. Whether you want to have news posted on your app, allow users to leave comments, show weather, add image galleries, get live streams of news and events or add contact form, the Mobidonia platform has modules ready for them all.

Mobidonia allows you to push notifications to your users on updates or news about the application and there are millions of them available for you for free with any pricing plan. Furthermore, you can use the analytical tool of the platform to know the downloads of your application, its popularity, user feedback etc. In addition to that, you can also earn from your app using the AdMob ads. Whatever app you create with Mobidonia is created for both, Apple and Android platforms. Furthermore, you get to enjoy a 30-day trial with any of the pricing plans offered by Mobidonia. So go ahead and start building your app right now. 

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