Urlitor- For Bulk HTTP Status Checking

Checking server response headers, HTTP status codes and number of chain redirects such as 301 and 302 has become easier with the online tool called URLitor. With this tool, people can also check the status codes of the final redirect location as well as the response times of different URLs.

The good news is that the tool can check up about 150 URLs in one shot. All the initial status codes are summarized by the URLitor on an easy to read table from where it can be copied onto a spreadsheet. Furthermore, it is also possible for individuals to download all their redirects and status codes of the checked URLs in a .csv file.

Currently, the Bulk HTTP status checker is available at www.urlitor.com on Beta version and can be used by people free of cost. The status of the URL is usually returned within 17 seconds and the request is terminated if there is no response.

Moreover, the response time can also be affected by the number of URLs whose status is being checked and the location of the server. While complete accuracy of response time isn’t possible, it is definitely a good metric to use when numerous URLs are being compared.

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