What Should You Keep in Mind to Have a Career in Oracle/DBA?

Oracle is considered as the most complicated database in the world. A lot of training goes into mastering this database and only experience can help you becoming an expert Oracle professional.

Oracle ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), computer applications and other enterprise applications are used by big businesses. As an Oracle DBA expert you can demand a hefty sum of salary from your employee. But, before that, it is necessary that you know the functions of a DBA.

Who is a DBA?

Each and every database needs a database administrator commonly called DBA. However, since a database system in Oracle can be quite large, it requires more than one person to do the job. Some of the functions of a DBA might be planning later requirements of storage and arranging for system storage or database system, upgrading the tool and Oracle application, installing Oracle, supervising the access of users to the database, restoring the database, etc.  In many high end companies a DBA professional has a lot of responsibilities maintaining important data of the organization.

Becoming a DBA professional is a lengthy and hard working journey. Not only does it require years of preparation but also thorough commitment. It is a very demanding job that will require you to attend office on Christmas, work on weekends, keep abreast of evolving technology and also work on organizational downtime. You might have to devote entire day to your organization.  Once you become DBA you must ensure that the company administration does not get a chance to point fingers at your performance as getting everything done by the machines will show your incompetence and lethargy to work.

Following are the skills that a database administrator must possess:

A degree in business:

In most cases, it has been seen that an information systems or a computer science bachelor or master degree holder generally becomes a DBA expert. However, an advanced degree in MBA from an accredited B-school is necessary for quick recognition. This is because you have to control the business process in the organization besides understanding the marketing and financial end of the business.


A DBA must have good and clear communication with the end users both verbally and written.

Skills that attribute to a DBA: 

Generally, it has been seen that   Oracle Application DBAs are certified by OCM and OCP. They also possess minimum 5 years of experience as a full time progressive DBA. They are required to have complete knowhow on Oracle Application Server and Java. Therefore, if you are interested to become an Oracle Application DBA, you know the needful.

Classes that you need to take up:

As an aspirant, you can use Oracle as a form of data storage unit and also decision rules to get ready for applications of the real world expert systems. These things can be done while you are still in IT school.

Is DBA a pocket friendly job?

The salary of an Oracle Application DBA varies depending upon the responsibilities he has to cover, his experience and qualification. It is therefore suggested that you keep in mind all the above mentioned factors when quoting your salary at the interview. The good thing is that the salary range of DBA professionals has increased manifold since the last decade.

DBAs are divided into 3 main segments according to their qualifications and experience:

Low Segment:

You can be a low tier DBA, with an experience of less than 10 years, within 25 years and earn around $50K/year.

Middle Segment:

In this case, you can be a bachelor degree holder with ten years of experience and earn almost $105 per year.

Superstar Segment:

With an experience of over 20 years, you cam earn something around $180k every year.

Thus, if you are planning to become a DBA professional make sure that you know the nitty-gritty of the business. Always keep in mind, what pays good demands better.

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