What’s A Vape Pen And Why Should You Have One?

To understand a vape pen and its purpose of invention, we first need to understand cigarettes, smoking and the many health disadvantages of smoking. Of course, we all know the many dangers of smoking and its effects other than those that are on health. For example, smoking can cause bad staining on your teeth. Your lips might become purple or bluish in color due to excessive smoking. Your clothes will smell of smoke after you have smoked a cigarette. You also cause many health dangers to the person who inhales the smokes that comes out of your mouth, nose or cigarette.

When we talk about vape pen we are looking at a device that replaces the cigarettes and takes away the many dangers of smoking. A vape pen is known as “vape” pen because it vaporizes herbs, concentrates and essential oils and is smoked (used) like a cigarette. However, it is not a cigarette and it doesn’t have the disadvantages of a cigarette. You will put herbs, plant leaves or concentrates in the vape pen and use its heating method to vaporize these components. The vapors are then inhaled that provide the sensation of smoking, however a little light in effect.

Vape pen has many other names due to its use. Vape pens are known with other names such as e-cig, cartomizer, electronic cigarettes, trippy stick, e-pen, atomizer, etc. The big reason why vape pens became so popular in the recent years is their prevention of inhaling of any harmful agents. When you use a vape pen you will see smoke coming out, but it is not smoke. These are vapors, they are aromatic and contain no harmful agents that smoke does. The harmful compounds and components that make smoke dangerous include naphthalene, nicotine, tar, benzene etc.

Vape pen is called vape pen also because it looks just like a fountain pen. Due to the fact that their heating mechanism and formation of vapors only causes the good agents inside a concentrate or herb to be inhaled, vape pens have become popular for their medical use as well. Many people with chronic pains, epilepsy or AIDs have been found to benefit from using vape pens. These patients have mentioned repeatedly that they feel reduced pains in their bodies when they smoke marijuana. This is the reason why marijuana is so popular in medical world these days and also a controversial drug.

However, smoking marijuana or cannabis can be dangerous because its smoke also contains many different harmful agents. The chemicals produced by marijuana are called cannabinoids. However, when cannabis is vaporized, only the good chemicals are released. This is why doctors have been suggesting vape pens to their patients when smoking marijuana is unavoidable for them. There are many other benefits that come with a vape pen. For example, you don’t get to deal with any ash and there is no need to fill and empty any ashtrays. No one has to be a secondhand smoker around you. Your lungs are saved and your building doesn’t smell of smoke. 

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