5 Ways Serviced Offices Can Support Your Business

With increased popularity of serviced offices in recent years, everyone ranging from solo entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations are benefiting from the lucrative benefits of serviced offices. Here are the top 5 ways your business can be supported by serviced offices:

1. Saving Time

Serviced office space can save your time. Telephony, basic office support services and all other facilities are outsourced which all would be required to be set up by you in a conventional office set up.

Telephone Management

All calls are answered even when you are not there. You can minimize interruptions regarding which calls you want and which ones you don’t by fielding your unwanted calls. With telephone management, your customers, prospective clients, vendors, etc will always remain confident regarding your availability and presence even when they cannot talk to you directly.

Facilities Management

Everything from furniture, utilities, IT, maintenance to leases is already set up for you. Should you require any special services, those can be added on request. The booking process is extremely simple and does not require involvement of a solicitor. The agreement is easy to interpret and possession is granted usually within few hours of signing the contract.

Support Services

Serviced offices also take care of your administrative needs including copying, scanning, printing, and typing which will save you the hassle of finding new service providers.

2. Saving Money

Serviced offices enable you to save money without worrying about oppressive overheads.

Shared Costs

In a serviced office while the service provider is purchasing services for the entire building, you pay only a fraction of the costs for the services being used and the space occupied by you. This includes maintenance, cleaning, electricity, telecom, gas, water, furniture, stationary, IT equipment and other miscellaneous services, etc.


With a serviced office, you can enjoy better control over your finances. In case you need to acquire a bigger office to grow; or you plan to move in a smaller office, the easy in/easy out terms of this office is the key reason behind its success in recent years.

Associated Expenses

Serviced offices do not involve capital expenditure on depreciating assets like IT infrastructure, security deposits, attorney fee, etc which other is a capital expense in case of a conventional office set up. In a serviced office, everything is simple.


Your overheads are reduced significantly since most of the on-site services are provided by the business centre or are outsourced. The pay as you need system of serviced office is an unmatched aspect not possible in a conventional office set up.

3. Increasing Business

With a serviced office set up, you never miss out on any of your business obligations.

Business Address

Serviced offices provide the ease of acquiring an office in an address of your choice. Having a prestigious, up-market business address leaves a lasting impression in the eyes of your clients and business associates.

Business Support

You can get noticed and enhance your business profile by the networking events, marketing activities and free business consultancy services provided by serviced office providers. You may even have the opportunity to cross sell and interact with other businesses in the same business centre.

4. Reduce Your Business Risk

With serviced offices, you have multiple tenure options to choose from depending on your needs. You can sign up for as little as a month or a few days even. This provides you reassurance that there are no long-term commitments which might be a burden for some small to medium businesses.

5. Growth Flexibility

Serviced office gives you the peace of mind to grow and focus on your core activities which are essential to keep your business buoyant in today’s fast moving economy.

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