Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring to Help IT Operations

Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM) to help IT operations team effectively manage application delivery and end-user experience

Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM) will go a long way in bringing positive impact in regards to how IT organizations relate to each other or their counterparts. One important feature that IT departments should consider when it comes to AA-IPM is that it can effectively transform their jobs from constant fire fighting to strategic execution. Poor application response time is experienced by end users because of difficulty in identifying whether the network, application or other external dependencies (like DNS or Database) are causing the problem. Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring helps IT operational teams to focus on quality of end users experience and application delivery. It is in the Gartner’s wish-list for IT operational teams for monitoring and managing application delivery especially in cloud and virtualized environment. With this new category, a comprehensive view of application performance becomes visible, and thus evaluative information and metrics are achieved from an infrastructure point of view enabling faster troubleshooting and reliable application delivery.

Application Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (AA-IPM) is a combination of Application Performance Monitoring and Network Performance Monitoring which gives a complete picture of performance, from the application and network perspective. Because it can rapidly pinpoint the true cause of the problem, it’s easier for your IT operations team to avoid endless war room meetings and costly bridge calls. It saves time and money.

The specific management requirements of an AA-IPM and the requirements on IT operations wish list include;

Automatic identification of every application
Automatic discovery and continuous updating of the topology map for every application
Tracking how the external application dependencies are responding to the requests from the application server
Measuring response time and through-put for every application
Tracking the application transactions health
Detailed breakdown of application end user experience including components like network latency, application server processing time and the time taken by the network to completely deliver the response from application server to end user
Easy to deploy and simple to use tools which can provide immediate value

APPanalyz an Application Performance Monitoring platform that provides a single dashboard to alert application performance issues and to quickly identify the root-cause. It uses real-time traffic analyzer to analyze how server, network, application and its external dependencies are influencing the quality of application end-user experience.  It’s SaaS based platform is cost-effective, safe and secure, takes less than a minute to deploy and does not require any packet capturing or software installation or any code insertion.