Business Ideas For Beginners

Kid-Friendly Software

Children are our future. They are already determining parents’ consumer choices and in a few years it is they who will be defining your future as a company. That’s why, to win them as customers and make them like you now is a good idea. Just look at the kids you know: your own or kids or your acquaintances’. Try observing how they interact with already existing apps? Do they have an interaction method of their own? What features of the games do they like and hate? What games would children like if they have some learning disabilities? Interview them and their parents and develop something cool and useful.

Connectivity of kids is a big thing for 2015. Common Sense Media claims, a lot of children have their own gadgets or use the ones of their parents. This can turn into a nice business opportunity for people who can create products software that is suited for children. Moreover, if they also will encourage learning or good health habits, it will win their parents over, too. It is similar to the cereals market in the early days – children like taste, images, games inside the box; parents honor the health benefits and price. You can start small by designing a few kid-friendly pieces of software and wait for you business expands from there.

Recycling company

Most people in the Western Hemisphere are now health-conscious and environment-friendly. They have special bins for regular recyclable materials like paper, bottles and plastics. However, they generally don’t know or try to properly recycle electronic household items and computers, which can be extremely damaging for the environment if they remain in garbage dumps. Providing a service of picking up all the e-waste which has been storing in their houses or sheds — old TV sets, broken PCs, mobile phones — and bring them to your town’s electronic recycling company (if there is one, otherwise try to recycle them on your own or find somebody in your region who can recycle it cheaper than you charge to get some profit). Determine the price per each thing, by weight, or a strict price plus travel expenses.

Food Truck

Intuit and Emergent Research predicted that overall income generated from the food truck sector will reach $2.7 billion by 2017. A truck is a less costly than a real building with a café or canteen and risk of going bankrupt for food carts and other wheeled vehicles is just 10 to 20% (in comparison to 60 to 90% for cafes). Having proper equipment and great chefs, you can start right away. Food trucks popularity may be not long-term, but use it while you can.

Alternative to “For customer support, please wait on the line.”

Well-to-do people are usually ready to pay money for more time. And although one can do side things during the waiting period on the line when one calls the internet, phone or electric company, it really is a) irritating and b)  waste of time c) not funny or enjoyable even if there is music on the other end of the line. What will you get in return? Make up a way that people can pay a few of dollars a month in exchange for the various companies letting them jump the line when they need help. It is that difficult. It is just another type of calling ID.

Selling in Niches

Retailer companies now help you with new ways to buy, sell and promote narrow hobbies. There are online and mobile marketplaces for auto fans, sports fanatics and other niche communities that generated $42 million last year. You can try to do the same thing by first creating a online shop of your own collectibles that you have kept in your cupboards for so many years or you can start Affiliate webstore, for example Aliexpress Affiliate webstore, and choose the collectible-worthy items from the Aliexpress enormous catalogue. The design of such a company is very clean and simple just like the Aliplugin WordPress Theme.

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