Effective Website Tips For Accounting Entrepreneurs This Tax Season

Stellar design, aresponsive layout, dedicated apps for management, valuable content, and backend support by experts 24/7. These are the primary elements of every successful accounting website.

Tax Return Season, Search Engines, and Accountant’s Websites

A website is a business’s portal in the digital world. Given that the tax return season is at hand, every second millions of users are adding their queries for search engines to find the accounting websites ready to deliver results. Search engines respond by displaying the accounting websites that have been ranked highly according to their algorithms. These algorithms search for the most valuable websites based on diverse set of ranking metrics — ranging from the website’s design, its responsiveness, loading time, backend architecture, and security, to white-hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, valuable content, and social integration, among others.

The more valuable, engaging,SEO-ed, and easy to find a website is, the higher its chances of appearing in the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Given that few people will move from the first SERP to the second, it is crucial that an accountant’s business website gets displayed in the first few searches and in the first SERP of the search engines.

Website that rely on normal templates, do not stand out from the crowd, do not offer the needed value to their clients, or do not have the backend customer management systems for handling client appointments fall into the abyss of digital turmoil.

Robust Client Management Systems 

The biggest problem niche specific websites, such as websites for accountants face is the lack of website designers well versed in the needs of the professionals. As a result, most of the websites are found to employ the same templates while lacking any backend, inbuilt systems for scheduling appointments, and managing and handling clients.

Furthermore, with a responsive website that can easily be displayed across a wide range of mobile platforms, it becomes easier for customers to engage withthe website and hence schedule appointments on the go.

Backend Accountant Management App Suite

One of the biggest issues accounting company’s face is appointment scheduling and management. Having a website that is pre-equipped with the right apps such as appointment scheduler allows accountants (both, single person team or a growing firm) to easily book customers for specific services, appoint the employee, allow them to pay securely and instantly, and transfer the requisite documents and files across the internet. For instance, the InstaSite Business Apps Center makes over 150 apps available for backend support, all of which come pre-equipped with the website. The user can simply add the ones they require with a single click.

Avoid Website Builders. Avoid Templates

A stellar website that offers a seamless navigational experience, contains informative and valuable content, and allows visitors to engage with the website offers the best possible way for your customers to engage with the website, engage with relevant information that you have provided for them and schedule appointments on the go.

Such a website is not possible if the designers are not well-versed in the accountancy niche and hence rely on and modifying ready-made website templates. Templates often restrict addition of functionalities that are a staple diet for accountants for easily managing their services and customers. These functionalities can range from simple management tools, scheduler apps for appointments and handling appointments, and tracking of customer portals as well as other robust analytic services.

In Conclusion — Design a Website around Your Service

Whether a single freelancer or a team of growing firm, accountants need to have a stunning web-presence to stand out from their crowd in their niche and remain ahead of their competitors. The immediate result of a custom website designed by accounting experts is that you will not only increase value of your brand, but also capture more qualified leads —those who are looking for the services and want to hire you instantly.

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