Franchise Marketing Review: WordPress Multisite vs. SeoSamba

WordPress has outperformed its counterparts and currently ranks among the top players when it comes to famous CMS software worldwide. As if that wasn’t enough, further credit is due for the fact that all this was in a very short time span. Success can be attributed to its user-friendly interface and beauty in simplicity which in turn has made it the foundation on which millions of sites and blogs are based.

Things have started to warm up; WordPress has gone from a simple blogging platform to a full scale web design software, online stores a part of it; the extensions and add-ons take credit for it.

Keeping in view this demand, WordPress ventured forth with the development of a multi-sites versions which is currently known as WPMS. WPMS, despite efforts, is currently in its infancy. This factor makes it prone to dependency on support from third party developers and companies which has site operators in a position less than desirable.

Going a step further, although WPMS is freeware, actually bringing it use for productivity involves capital for customization and other upgrades; all with the constant threat of a cutoff from hired staff and service providers.

Considering all this, prudent and well balanced insight is required to rightfully assess the bells and whistles commonly associated with this platform; if productivity and functionality are to be the desired end results.

SeoSamba Multi-sites Review

WordPress was in its infancy back in 2008; right when SeoSamba had devised its well-known ‘hub and spoke’ model.

Thus the need existed with site operators to employ a spot-on multi-sites SEO platform. One which could perform while considering all the needs for segments ranging from single users and going up to full blown companies with multiple-site operations.

In this regard SeoSamba has pinpointed its resources and developed software such as SambaSaaS online for marketing, SeoToaster for Ecommerce and CMS. On the other hand, WordPress has enjoyed exponential growth though the Multisite platform was its only contribution in this field.

The tools SeoSamba has introduced pack quite a punch and empower site operators looking to reap some serious gains with their marketing efforts; all this, without the hassle of hiring and/ or depending on freelance developers or companies as well as the attached strings that follow.


First off, it should be clear that WordPress and SeoSamba don’t exist to serve the same purposes. But in the light of multisite management, MLM or online stores as the basis for comparison; the answer is quite obvious.

WordPress Multisite Review: WordPress introduced WPMS as an extension; SeoSamba flagship product revolves around that one purpose which WPMS attempts to serve. SeoSamba places special emphasis on user friendliness and bang for buck savings.

WPMS is for managing several WordPress sites. What about SeoSamba? Bunch together unlimited sites as you want.

All in all, WMPS is generic as are all of WordPress extensions; dependent on the designer’s whims. Whereas SeoSamba specializes in this area and strives for nothing short of the best.

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