How to Go About Self Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning carpets can prove to be a very daunting task, whether people are using a personal size unit or a rental machine, if they don’t have a plan of action. The good news is that regardless of the machine you are using, some techniques of carpet cleaning are consistent in all cases. If people are looking for efficient, quick and professional results, they should have an understanding of the basics, which are outlined below:

Prep the Room

Even if there is an extractor in the carpet cleaning machine, people should start by vacuuming the open and middle area of the room that has to be cleaned. This is not because you want to remove mud, but because you want get rid of the dry soils. After the middle section of the carpet has been vacuumed, the furniture should be moved there. Now, the perimeter of the room should be vacuumed. Tight bedrooms are another challenge altogether. Only clean the exposed area of the carpet if it is possible for the machine to fit around the bed. If you think the entire carpet needs cleaning, the bed will have to be dismantled and removed. The same steps have to be followed here as well i.e. cleaning the center, moving the furniture and then vacuuming the perimeter.

Pre-Treating Spots and High Traffic Sections 

The areas exposed to high-traffic and spots should be pre-treated. An expert from a carpet cleaning Redding CA company recommends that an all-purpose spot remover should be used for cleaning unknown spots. If you are aware of the source of the spot such as pet accidents or gum, then you can choose to buy a proper remover, which is easily available at any home improvement store. The only way to avoid the spreading of spots is to work from the outer edge of the stain towards the middle. Repeat this process until the furniture is moved back to its place. If furniture has to be kept on the carpet, then don’t pre-treat the area.

Cleaning the Carpet and Moving Furniture 

The outer perimeter should be cleaned as per the directions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment. Use carpet protectors for replacing the furniture to its original place to prevent it from being kept on the wet carpet. The carpet and furniture both can be protected with the use of these furniture pads. There are some stains on wooden furniture that can seep out into the carpet. Similarly, if you have metal furniture, it is prone to rust, which is also known to leave a stain on the carpet. Stacks of paper and cardboard boxes shouldn’t be placed on a wet carpet because they will absorb the moisture.

If you don’t have furniture pads, pieces of aluminum foil should be cut and placed between the carpet and furniture. Aluminum can create a barrier for the moisture, does not rust and is easy to use as compared to plastic wrap. After the furniture has been moved back to its original place, the center of the carpet should be cleaned starting with pre-treatment. 

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