How to Use Bitcoin Securely

When you use cryptocurrencies, one of the things you need to be aware of is that you will transfer and use them on the web, and because of that each transaction is prone to be meddled by hackers. Security is a major concern when it comes to using bitcoins, and this is why you need to take the whole thing seriously right from the start.

If you want to use bitcoins securely, then the first step is to try and find a good bitcoin wallet as it will help you get the job done in a secure manner. There are various types of wallets suitable for all most important platforms, no matter if you are a mobile or desktop users, so try to find the one that you can access at all times and which will suit your needs, as this is very important.

Alongside that, another pressing issue is the password that you choose for your bitcoin wallet. It’s recommended to have at least a password with 10 different characters, if not even more. Adding numbers inside it and randomizing is a good idea, but try to stay clear from bringing in common words and phrases, instead go for the complicated, more personal stuff.

Wallet security is essential and this should be your main concern when you use bitcoins, but alongside a secure password you also need to think about creating a backup for your wallet, specifically for those situations in which you have to recover your money. Moreover, adding a two factor authentication will bring you the ability to be better protected as you try to shop or receive payments online. When it comes to using bitcoins for purchases, it’s recommended to avoid unsafe computers, and instead use only your normal work computer.

Cold storage can be a good idea too for your bitcoins, as this increases the security. Paper wallets are a good idea especially if you want to gift bitcoins, but they are also very secure and suitable for long term usage.

Also, when you engage in accepting a large amount of bitcoins, you need to make sure that you get at least a confirmation of the transaction, although the recommended number would be 6.

As you can see, bitcoin security is a major issue and you do need to take it seriously especially if you plan on using such coins in the long run. Despite the issues however, it’s very interesting and fun to use bitcoins, mainly because you just have to pay lower fees and you get a much better control over the way you use your coins. Still, bitcoins provide you with a great and solid way to pay online, and this is why we recommend them to any user!

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