Increase Your Free Dropbox Account from 2 GB to 18 GB

Dropbox is a standard cloud storage for everyone. It’s easy and you can use it for free. 2 Gb free space can be enough for most of the people and business. But what if you can increase your FREE Dropbox account to 18 Gb? It is possible to increase your account to 18 Gb with referring your friends to Dropbox. But it can take weeks or months to maximize it. Well, you can do this 18 Gb Dropbox space increase in several hours! Here is how:

– Visit They offer a service which increases free Dropbox accounts 18 Gb space. Just for one time 10 bucks! No recurring payments. After that you have that 18 Gb Dropbox cloud space forever.
– After payment, send your Dropbox referral url. You can find it here. Your special referral url starts with…
– First you’ll start receiving notification mails of Dropbox referrals. Then in several hours, expands your Dropbox account 18 gb.

It’s that easy!

If you’re using Dropbox for your business/team/family, they have great price cuts for multiple Dropbox accounts. Go check it out!

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