Lanavel; Virtual Reality’s YouTube

One of the technologies that has always remained on the horizon is virtual reality. Over the years, a number of attempts have been made by tech companies for making this concept into a reality, but so far, there hasn’t been any major introduction. However, it seems that the future that people have been looking forward to is finally here as a number of exciting innovations have been made in regard to virtual reality. Some of the innovations include Valve and HTC’s partnership for the Vive, Occulus Rift and Sony Morpehus. We are getting closer to get virtual reality in the comforts of our homes rather than just our dreams.

As a matter of fact, if the reports are to be believed, virtual reality headsets will be commercially available from the end of this year. Apart from all these innovations, there is another called Lanavel, which is just on the horizon. For VR lovers, this platform can be regarded as a YouTube i.e. video sharing platform for VR/Web GL content. It is the mission of to have the highest quality of VR content, but they are also open to receiving any entertaining and unique WebGL content that may also be available.

The website hasn’t been launched as yet, but virtual reality lovers have the option of signing up for the newsletter as an elite user or an elite developer. Signing up will ensure that people will get unrestricted access to the platform when it finally goes live and they will also stay updated about the improvements and additions that will be made to it. Furthermore, individuals will not have to deal with irritating and useless emails. Only one to two emails will be sent on a yearly basis and they will offer people with meaningful information and news about Lanavel.

Just like other startups that are focused on disruptive technologies, Lanavel is depending on the VR fans to make this idea a smash hit and ensure its transition into an exclusive channel for virtual reality. The platform already has 500 subscribed developers so there is no lack of enthusiasm. This is quite huge for a project that’s only in its early development stage yet. If the idea is embraced and shared by more and more people, who knows? Lanavel may just end up becoming the next big thing on the internet and could pave way for new virtual technology in our lives.

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