Not-So-Temp: How A Good Staffing Agency Can Lead You To A Permanent Position

For many job seekers out there, the idea of working through a staffing agency is not immediately appealing. Many employers want to see that a potential candidate can commit to a company, so having that year or more of experience at one company seems better than learning through several experiences working as a “temp.”

This is an outdated way of thinking. Working through an employment staffing agency is not just a way to make the ends meet while looking for a permanent job. A staffing agency can connect you to a plethora of potential career contacts all while providing the necessary experience for entering the competitive job market.

Think of an employment agency as your career mentor. Not only do they help place you in jobs, an effective staffing agency helps train you in interviewing and acclimating to various work environments. An employment agency also helps you explore your options. You probably do not even know how skilled you are in an area until you are placed in a situation that demands it.

Huge companies with recognizable names use staffing agencies. Companies view a reputable staffing agency as a partner in initial screening for potential staff members. Instead of pouring over thousands of resumes and sitting through time-consuming, but rarely-rewarding interviews, companies use an agency to find someone who can come in and do some necessary work while they vet your potential as an employee. If your employment agency trusts you, these companies are more inclined to trust you so you can focus on proving your worth as a worker.

In fact, companies such as LeadingEdge Personnel offer temp-to-hire programs for qualified workers. With temp-to-hire, employees and companies alike benefit. Not only can a prospective employer experience how the worker fits into the vacant role, the prospective employee gets to learn first-hand about the company and position available. This gradual experience develops into long-term, successful employer/employee relationships, which leads to professional success and personal job satisfaction.

If you are interested in using a staffing agency as a tool to find long-term work, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must be open and honest with your employment agency about your work goals. If you want a long-term job, tell them! For programs like LeadingEdge Personnel’s temp-to-hire, you are required to let them know if you are interested in working as more than a temp.

The agency is there to facilitate success between workers and companies. Lying about your skills as a worker does not do any good for any party involved. Instead of worrying about what you are unable to do, use the staffing agency as a tool for gaining experience.

It has never been easy to find a dream job, and an employment staffing agency isn’t going to do the work for you. However, by working with an experienced staffing company people are able to gain experience and spring into a fulfilling career long-term.

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