Simplifying Time Keeping Process For In-Field Workers With TimeDock

One of the most important things for businesses to make sure their processes are running the way they should is to keep their employees punctual. Technological improvements made in the past 2 decades have allowed companies to make the time keeping process extremely strict and infallible. With devices mounted on the walls, employees need to swipe their ID cards when they enter the business premises and their time gets recorded on the system automatically. But what about the workers who have to be out in the field to perform their jobs? Keeping time of those workers has always been a challenge.

TimeDock has recently emerged as a revolutionary and innovative method to keep time of these workers. This amazing application installs on any Android phone and makes the employee time tracking process a breeze for companies. The installed application requires the ID cards of the workers to be swiped on the smartphone to make a log of their time-in and time-out. Once you have turned on the application on your smartphone it turns on the camera. A square shaped focus symbol shows where the ID cards need to be placed in front of the smartphone to have them scanned.

Within a second the card gets scanned and login time of the employee is recorded. Tapping on the screen when you are in the application interface allows you to switch between time-in and time-out mode. The best thing about this particular application is that it allows you to use the contactless NFC cards as well. Cards with that particular feature on them just need to be tapped to the smartphone once and the time in is recorded. It doesn’t matter who’s monitoring and supervising a team, the workers can swipe their cards on any phone with the application to have their times recorded.

Integration of the software with payroll systems has also been made very easy. What this means is that making monthly salaries of the employees would become even easier as the time would automatically get calculated by the software once it is integrated with the payroll system. The complete timesheets of the employees can be seen easily online with the help of GPS. In fact, this little application is a complete solution for time-keeping of employees working in the fields Clocking in and out for employees has also been made extremely easy as workers can clock in on any device at one location and clock out at another device at some other location.  More information can be found here.

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