Studying English in Manchester Made Easier

Located in the central part of Manchester, United Kingdom, Communicate School of English was established in 2009. In the last five years, the school underwent considerable expansion and welcomed more than 400 students from about 68 different countries in 2014 alone. The English school has been accredited by the British Council and offers a wide variety of courses. The family-run school aims to assist students in communicating with ease. There is a great nationality mix that can be found at the school with its most popular courses being General English and Conversation and Exam preparation. They also offer Cambridge First and Advanced Courses and IELTS as well.

At Communicate School of English, students can benefit from highly qualified and professional teachers. It follows the best hiring practices as it wishes to retain its membership of English UK and accreditation from the British Council. Communicate School of English can provide its students with the best pastoral care and has excellent facilities such as free Wi-Fi for catering to their needs in the best possible way. The school offers English courses to local and international students, including non-native speakers and professionals. Students have the option of studying in groups of 7 or opting for one-on-one lessons, as per their convenience.

Communicate School of English strives to offer a supportive teaching environment to the students for helping them in developing meaningful and real communication skills. They aim to aid students in reaching and exploring their full potential so when they leave, they have improved their English language skills for everyday life in the UK, further academic studies and for the purpose of career advancement. The school is focused on building a positive international reputation so there are no compromises made in terms of student support and welfare. As a matter of fact, an enthusiastic and safe learning environment is created to help everyone in feeling comfortable.

Regular social activities are also organized by the school so students can actively participate in them and feel part of a community. Discipline is also an important tenet of the school so respectful behavior is encouraged along with regular attendance. The school also assists international students in making the transition to the UK with as little problems as possible. Communicate school of English has attempted to create a truly international environment by growing and maintaining a wide mix of nationalities in regard to students. The school takes special steps for adhering to the standards that have been set by the British Council in terms of accommodation, premises, school management, student welfare and teaching.

The teachers at Communicate School of English use unique teaching methods for ensuring that students are actively participating in the classroom. Their task is to help students in improving their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills for which they may use course books, but can also opt for magazines, newspapers, signs and songs. Gradually, students become confident in their abilities and start communicating in English, which is not only beneficial for their academic, but also professional life. 

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