SwiftChat – Connecting with People

Available for all Android and iOS devices, SwiftChat is one of the most innovative chatroom based messenger, which is being used by people all over the world. This particular application is available to people free of charge and they can use it for connecting with others in different parts of the globe on the most popular and current topics. SwiftChat makes use of your Wi-Fi or 3G for creating and joining chat rooms, browsing and also messaging other users of the application. Most people assume that the app is free to download from the App Store or Play Store, but in-app purchasing may be needed.

This is not the case because SwiftChat is completely free of any hidden costs and doesn’t have any fee or subscription charges. Once the messenger has been downloaded, it can be used for sending unlimited messages in any chatroom of their choice. This gives them a great opportunity for not just meeting old friends, but also making new ones. The application is very user-friendly and easy to use and understand. There is no need for any registration or password as you don’t need to have an account for using SwiftChat. All people have to do is choose a favorite user name and they can begin sending instant messages to their friends instantly.

One of the most prominent benefits of SwiftChat is that it gives its users absolute freedom of socializing and sharing with their family and friends, regardless of their location. There are no cultural, language or even geographical barriers that can be associated with the application. Furthermore, the messenger allows people to stay abreast with the latest and current trends and topics as it aggregates chatrooms from all over the world and shows them in an intuitive and simple list format. The rooms are ranked by their popularity so individuals can browse the most popular ones.

There is also the concept of upvoting through which the users can unlock emoticons, images, stickers and other features. They can also upvote other users to help them do this too. SwiftChat also offers people the ability of taking, sharing, uploading and downloading audio clips, images and photos with other users of the application. It also has some drawing tools that can be used by people for painting, sketching and creating, which can display their artistic side. Moreover, there is no need to exit SwiftChat when people want to view websites or search for something on their browser.

The application itself has its own browsers that can be used for doing so. Individuals also have the option of customizing their profile to make it unique from other users. You can use art and photos for doing so and let the whole world see you as you want them to. Custom chat rooms can also be created and others can be invited to join. You can start discussions or ask questions in these chat rooms and get the conversation rolling. SwiftChat can be used for chatting live with hundreds of people at the same time, which is exciting and exhilarating. 

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