The 4 Qualities That Define a Good Debt Consolidation Company

It is almost impossible to operate without debt. In the course of your life, you might encounter an emergency that will require you to take a loan because you do not have any other options.

Banks know that people cannot live without debt and every day, they are outdoing each other with numerous loan products targeted at different areas of your life. You could find yourself applying for a couple of these loans and before you know it, you will have too many loan bills.

Should you find yourself in a situation where your debts are becoming a problem, you can opt for debt consolidation services such as bill consolidation loans.

Finding the right loan is dependent on finding a good company. To help you choose the best consolidation company, you should look for one that has the following qualities:

1. Reasonable charges

Some consolidation companies charge very highly for their services.

There are those that charge for advice. A good debt consolidation company should not charge you for advice. Those that are concerned about customers give free advice.

You could also incur a monthly servicing charge. Depending on the amount of money you owe, the number of creditors you owe and the state you live in, monthly fees could cost you a hefty sum.

You should know that debt management companies already charge your former creditors for the debt consolidation service. Charging you an extra amount every month is in essence a double charge.

However, if you get to pay a monthly fee, it should not be exorbitant, and it should definitely not be an upfront charge.

2. Attractive Features

Nothing is as disturbing as dealing with a company that does not give varied options. A good consolidation company should have the following features:

A website and social media presence

Nowadays, the one way to perform background checks on a company is to check online.

The company should have a website outlining its services and showing real customer testimonials. Social media presence is another advantage, because you can get to see interaction between customers and the company.

Ease of signup

It should be easy to sign up for the service online, on the phone, or to fill up a form and send via email.

The company should have both secured and unsecured loans

You should be able to use property such as your house or car, to secure your loan.

It should also be possible for you to access a consolidated loan with no security. In such a case, your credit score will be your security.

3. Credit counseling

Once you finish paying your debts, you could end up in debt again if your spending habits do not change.

Good consolidation companies provide credit counseling services to keep you from regressing. Counseling also helps you to stay into the program until you have cleared all your loans.

4. Customer service

A good debt consolidation company provides good customer care. You obviously have many questions and you will only get help if the company puts emphasis on providing quality help.

If you find a company that has the above qualities, you will have an easier time with your debt consolidation process.


  1. Your four step criteria for debt consolidation looks like something that would be super helpful to me. I am like most and am in debt because of lack of managing money skills. For that reason, it is important to get out of debt with as much help as I can. A reasonable plan and as much help as I can get are some very key strategies that make your plan appealing.

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