The Best NYC PR Firms for 2015

Public relations are constantly being reinvented and it seems like they are in more flux than ever. More and more agencies are actually moving away from the term PR and call themselves content creators, communication companies or multiplatform productions. The best NYC PR Firms are some of the most powerful agencies that have a lot of influence in the world of business.

The list of best companies keeps changing constantly, but we are going to talk about the best NYC PR firms for 2015.

Sunshine Sachs

Founded in 1991, Sunshine Sachs now has over 100 employees and a list of client that will impress everyone. Portmand, Streisand, DiCaprio and Human Rights Campaign are only some of the names we will list. They have offices in LA and DC, besides their NY office. When you want the best, you want to choose a firm that works with eBay and Microsoft and that is Sunshine Sachs.


Founded in 1991, DKC has over 150 employees and over $30M in revenue. They are best known for their digital marketing work but they keep cranking their event marketing as well. DKC is constantly growing and is working with big clients – Bill Maher, NYC Marathon, Tumblr and The Plaza Hotel. It’s a firm that keeps growing in every possible direction and we expect to see them at Number 1.


Founded in 1946, Fleishman-Hillard has made over $550M revenue. People who run this agency know how to find talent and this is exactly why they keep running with the best of them. For decades, they have been able to work with big clients like Samsung, AT&T and L’Oréal. It’s highly likely that they will keep being one of the strongest and most influential PR firms in New York.

Rubenstein Assoc.

Founded in 1987, Rubenstein Assoc. has over 200 employees. You could say that they represent everyone and everything. Their client list is huge: Forbes, Ron Perelman, ConEd, Yankees, CUNY, you name it. Rubenstein Assoc. has a lot of power and is dominating the market, which is what it will continue to do in the future as well.

Joele Frank

Founded in 2000, Joele Frank is a fearsome presence in the PR landscape. They handled a lot of transactions last year and won a lot of battles. Activist investors like to hire Joele Frank as this firm knows how to get the job done. Apparently.

Weber Shandwick

Founded in 1921, with almost $700M revenue, Weber Shandwick is one of the oldest and most reputable PR firms in New York. Companies can transform, they have to transform to stay ahead of the competition, but people at Weber Shandwick really know how to work with the new media and new technology. They handle content creating brilliantly and are still among the best when it comes to managing old fashioned PR campaigns.


Founded in 1979, with over 50 employees and over $10M in revenue, Makovsky keeps growing. They might lack some sizzle, but they have the brains and the authority. Clients like Ernst & Young, Charles Schwab, Pfizer, Abbot Labs and J&J are seeking their help. You have to give them a lot of credit, this is one of the firms that will make even more impact in the future.

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