Track Kit Pro – Traveling the World

Anyone who is searching for an easy-to-use and convenient GPS tracker should definitely opt for Track Kit Pro. This particular application allows individuals to record, keep, edit and present their records. With this tool, people have the opportunity of exploring a whole horde of new places even before they begin their traveling expenditures. Do you want to show your friends your travel pictures and routes? The Track Kit Pro enables you to do all this easily on your iPad or iPhone. Whether you are sightseeing, traveling, navigating, hiking hunting, boating or even finding your way around, you can use Track Kit Pro for doing all this.

Not only is this application a multifunctional tracker, but individuals will also discover that it is a unique and free web service that can be used for showing and exploring different travel routes. The main screen of the app can be used for track recording and it has all the necessary controls. It has different buttons, including the tools menu, tracking recording, main menu and track menu buttons. Speedometer, open rangefinder, compass and map measurement tools are some of the tools that can be accessed through the tools menu. Through the track menu, individuals gain access to label, track and waypoint measurement.

The main menu can be used by people for adding a label, changing the map format and also provide other options. The app can easily be downloaded by individuals from the App Store for a very reasonable cost of $2.99. You can start using it right away, thanks to its user-friendly interface.

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