Why Android App Development Is Becoming More Important With Time

There is always a competition between the users of iPhone and Android phones. The debate not only revolves around the design of the phones but mainly focuses on how two operating systems are completely different from each other. Android fans always talk about freedom whereas Apple fans boast about the achievements of iOS in many areas in the light of its past performance. However, it is now beyond doubt that Android market is beating Apple in almost all aspects today. Not only because Apple is just one company but because Android is an operating system that goes on the phones made by various companies.

It has now become an integral part of every mobile app developer’s work to develop an app for multiple platforms. Android and iOS platforms are the main platforms for which almost every application is developed. Now there is a dilemma among developers whether they should start their careers by developing applications for iOS or Android. While the case was different in the past, it is now most recommended that app developers start their app development journey from Android. It is because Android is now taking over the market of apps and smartphones both.

The number of Android users is increasing with time and as per some studies done by ViableType.com, an android app development company Minnesota, over 48 percent of market share has been taken away by Android now whereas Apple is still at 32 percent. Think of the opportunity of money you can make by going for android app development when there are nearly 850,000 Android devices entering into market with their new activation. It must not go without mentioning that Android market has made it possible for people from all classes to afford a smartphone whereas Apple smartphones are still considered for business class and those who can afford them easily.

The search capability available on Google Store is another big reason for developing your applications for Android. Even if your newly launched application does not have a high rank it can be discovered by users because of the keywords and search words they are using for searching the apps. This allows you to work on search words to have your application discovered and thus creating chances for discoverability of your apps. That’s not the case on Apple store where rank is the most important thing for an application to be discovered and people can use various tactics to get higher ranks here.

Costs are involved in developing your applications and having them hosted on the application stores but you have to bear more costs when you are looking to have your app uploaded on Apple’s app store. Creating applications for Android is a much easier job with the immense amount of information available on the internet. There are several courses available on the internet that take you step by step into the complex world of developing applications. You can learn through video tutorials or go for textual courses. Prepare to deal with Java when you want to develop applications for Android. 

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