4 Online Business Degrees to Accelerate Your Career

Whether you’re taking the first step up the corporate ladder, or you’re already on your way up, online business degree programs are available that offer great professional and personal growth. Most classes can be taken anytime or anywhere in the world, so long as you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection. Take a look at these degrees that can be earned online.


There are fully accredited accounting degrees that can be earned entirely online. Online classes are usually taught by the same faculty that teaches the onsite classes. Students learn fundamental accounting skills and knowledge that are essential to success in the outside business world. Classes involve various accounting systems and controls, taxation and auditing. Completion of selected programs will allow the graduate to sit for the CPA exam.

Business Administration

Comprehensive business curriculums are offered through many accredited and established universities that permit their students to earn their degrees completely online. Many US higher education institutions offer 100 percent online programs. Core courses typically include accounting, economics, business law, international business and marketing.

Occupational Safety 

Protection of corporations and the workers they employ from accidents and multi-million dollar lawsuits has made occupational safety very big business. Safety is an essential element of the pulse of a business and the community that it survives in. Online occupational safety programs like the bachelor’s and master’s programs at Eastern Kentucky University and similar programs have recognized the need to protect companies, their workers and the communities they do business in from perils that can otherwise be avoided. You can find both the bachelor’s and master’s safety degrees online that are fully accredited and are offered 100 percent online.


A bachelor’s degree in marketing can be earned from any number of completely online well-known universities. Marketing professionals evaluate consumer behavior, develop marketing programs and plan strategic marketing campaigns. The programs prepare students for careers in advertising, public relations, and promotion and management of brands and products. Customization of the degree program is permitted for marketing specializations. Strong growth is predicted for marketing professionals in the foreseeable future.

A bachelor’s degree in any of these areas of business places the graduate in a strong position for continued professional and personal growth. Studying online is one method of earning accredited professional qualifications in the world of business. Online degree programs are convenient, and they permit the student to fulfill work and family obligations while endeavoring to better themselves.

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