E-Shredding: Necessary for You and Your Business

You’ve finally upgraded your computer, but now you have that old one to take care of. Whether you used it for home or business, chances are you handled some very personal information on that machine. It’s essential that you completely destroy your hard drive before you sell or donate your computer. The only way to be sure that your information is destroyed is to use a professional hard drive destruction service.

This is especially true if you have an abundance of outdated computers and hard drives used at work. When it comes to your business, you don’t take shortcuts. Your clients expect you to be a professional in your field, so when it comes to protecting both their information and your own, hire the professionals to ensure the job is done correctly. A professional e-shredding service ensures that your confidential documents and old, outdated hard drives are completely destroyed. In the process, your clients’ identities are also protected. Identity theft is a multi-billion dollar industry that generates profits from the smallest bits of data that slip through the cracks. From hospitals to banks, many businesses hold private data that is susceptible to exploitation at the hands of criminals. Your clients have the legal right for that information to be protected. As a firm that assumes responsibility of that information, you have a legal obligation to protect it.

Information stored on your personal computer is not excluded from identity theft because it is just as valuable to a criminal. Though you may be tempted to make this a DIY task, don’t try and e-shred that hard drive on your own. Going to a professional to destroy your hard drive is some of the cheapest personal insurance you can invest in. By having your hard drive professionally destroyed, you are treating your own information with the same importance as a hospital or a Fortune 500 company.

Look for a shredding company that is both Government & HIPAA Compliant so you know you’re dealing with legitimate experts. These trusted companies include Marshall Shredding, who serve several of Texas’s biggest metros including Dallas and Houston. Marshall Shredding provides expert document shredding, as well as e-shredding with a guarantee of the highest security, affordable prices with no fuel surcharges or hidden fees, and on-time service that won’t leave you waiting. Plus, all e-waste is disposed in a centralized processing facility designed to handle the disposal of discarded, old, or obsolete computer electronics without any environmental impact.

If you have any questions about hard drive shredding, you can visit Marshall Shredding to learn more.

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