How to Decide How Much Motor Insurance Cover You Need

Most car owners usually go for the minimum coverage for their cars. While this decision might serve them, it might prove to be a costly decision when an accident happens. Different motor insurance plans cover different things including yourself, occupants in the car, third parties, assets in the vehicle and many other things.

It is prudent to get a package that covers a whole array of aspects as you can never predict the nature of calamity your car might be involved in.

There are 2 predominant motor insurance policies to choose from in Bahrain:

1. Third party liability 

Third party liability is the most basic cover. It is mandatory for every motorist and it covers against:

Death or injury to third parties
Destruction of third party property

Third party will not cover damage incurred to your vehicle or vehicle replacement costs.

2. Comprehensive motor insurance

A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers the below:

Damage to your car resulting from accidents, fire, theft and other incidents that could cause damage to your vehicle.
Third party expenses arising from injury to third parties, damage to property and legal costs.

Why you should get comprehensive cover for your car

Cars cost a lot of money; therefore it only makes sense that you should want your car to be replaced when it gets damaged. If you spend on a good cover, your insurance company is left to bear the burden of replacing your car.

As an expat in Bahrain, you will definitely be moving around a lot getting to take in the local sites and learn Bahrain lifestyle. For this reason, your car is exposed to accident risk. Therefore, you should get a higher cover than third party insurance.

Can you afford to spend on extra cover?

In addition to getting comprehensive cover, you can opt to add other items to your cover. It will cost you some money in upfront premiums, but you will have great relief when you get involved in an accident.

You will, for instance, be able to cover medical expenses, recover any lost or destroyed expenses and even expenses resulting from death.

Below are some factors that will help you decide how much insurance to pay for:

1. You have to spend on the minimum required by law

It is compulsory to get the third party cover, so you really have no choice in this matter.

2. How much money can you comfortably spend?

Your cover will be dictated by your income. If you must cut back on some budgetary items to afford the best cover, you should do so.

3. Get maximum cover especially if you have dependents 

Your family might get stuck with heavy bills resulting from your accident. Medical bills, burial bills, and legal bills from third parties are some of the things that should prompt you not to spare any expense on your cover.

4. How invaluable is your car to you

If your job relies on your car for instance, you have to get a cover that will help you get a new car.

5. Where do you frequently drive? 

You are more exposed to accidents if you drive on the highway every day.

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