How to Make Timeline Covers for Facebook in 2015

Facebook Timeline cover is the most focused point of Facebook Profiles, Pages and groups. Therefore we should give some attention when making a cover photo. It is not a difficult task to create Facebook covers or banners now when hundreds of online tools are already available where you can simply design your customized cover with drag and drop menus. Still there are many well known communities and companies that hire professional graphic designers for making their Facebook cover photos.

Professional Facebook cover designers are popular because companies know the importance of having a good Facebook reputation. They take full advantage of Facebook cover to promote their business and for branding. These tips are for those designers who want to create FB cover photos attractive and professional.

Facebook Cover Size:

Facebook cover size is exactly 851X315 in pixels so make sure you are designing cover for Facebook with its supported size. If you are designing cover for any other site like Google Plus or twitter. You should follow their specified size.

Match Cover with Profile Picture:

Profile Picture is also important and one of the focuses point of Facebook profile. So you should keep in mind the display picture too when designing a timeline cover photo. You can also merge the profile picture with your cover. It will look stunning if you will get success to match display picture and cover photo perfectly.

Use More Images and Less Text:

In the FB cover photo you should try to use images and graphics instead of simple text. Don’t write small text too much. Only write one of two lines in bigger and stylish fonts where necessary.  Images will make your cover impressive and likable.

Selection of Colors for FB covers:

Color selection is always a difficult task in designing. It is a creative work. You should select the color scheme which suits to your company band or service. You can also get idea of colors themes from the website of the product or service for which you are going to design covers.

These are just some general tips but many designers ignore these points and in the result they failed to get the neat and elegant Facebook cover. Designing a Facebook cover is similar as we design websites headers and banners however some precautions and tips should be kept in mind. So that you will be able to make impressive timeline covers not only for yourself but also for your valuable clients.

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