How to Start a Shipping Business

To make your mark in today’s competitive environment, you have to choose a unique avenue as a career. With the rising trend in online shopping, a very sound option would be to establish a shipping business. There may be a lot of planning required when you take this decision, but it will be worth it.

Don’t believe it? Just look at Israel Figa Trade 24, who is behind the 24/7 trade company, which is one of the most successful shipping company in the US and UK. Despite his youth, Israel Figa is the chief executive officer because he does a better job than his competition. The good news is that you can also do the same as long as you follow the tips and tricks outlined below:

1- Get in touch with an attorney for hammering out your business plan and make sure that your idea is within the legal boundaries and can be done in your area. Also have a look at the current shipping industry of your area as you have to decide how you will compete with it and market your business.

2- You will also need funds for implementing your business idea. You can search for investors or go to your bank to apply for a business loan. If you wish to solicit others for funds, you have to ensure that your methods are appropriate and legal. In order to determine the amount of money you will need for your business, you have to decide on the prices you will charge your customers because you want to be able to repay your loans.

3- After you have sorted out the funds and legalities, you have to find people who are willing to let you ship their products. There are several ways you can do so. The ideal way to begin is to contact local businesses and discuss their current shipping practices and uses. You have to convince them to switch to your service.

4- Look for business insurance. Consult several providers in order to get quotes from them and ensure that you have knowledge about all the coverage options available. Before you start paying, do some research about every policy and what it will provide you. Opt for a policy that’s ideal for your business goals and budget.

5- Now is the time to get a logo designed for your company and get started with marketing. You also need to establish an online presence so you can market to a larger target market.

6- You also have to buy trucks that you will use for shipping the products. You will need the assistance of a legal team because there are several legalities involved. Start off with a small number of trucks until you know for sure your business will be successful. You don’t want to end up with too much debt.

7- Recruit drivers with good records and exceptional driving skills. Be aware of the legalities in this process as well.

You can now develop the routes for shipping products from one area to another. 

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