Richer than You; Becoming Famous Instantly

Don’t you want to be famous? Everyone, at some point in their life, has wished to be famous, even if it is only fleeting. The good news is that it is quite possible for you to become renowned. You must be thinking of the work you will have to do to accomplish this goal. Fortunately, you don’t need anything except some money and all is done for you thanks to Richer than You. This is basically a platform that ranks people on the basis of the money they spend, thus showing how wealthy they are. Thus, in order to become famous, you just have to spend more than others.

As long as you have cash to spare, the whole process is easy. However, keep in mind that Richer than You is just like the free market, which means that the competition is pretty tough. Therefore, if you really want to secure the highest rank, you will have to spend more. There is no restriction in terms of participation as anyone who is a legal adult in their country or state can pay to be ranked on this platform. The participation process is also quite simple and easy to follow. The registration procedure is completely free of charge.

After you have completed the registration process, a confirmation email is sent to your account so you can activate it. Once you have become active, it is up to you to buy whatever position strikes your fancy. Obviously, you would want to be crowned as king and be on top, but to do that you will have to pay more than what has been paid by the currently top ranked individual. In order to secure the position, actual money will have to be paid to Richer than You and this will serve as your fee for keeping the position in your name, unless someone else is ready to pay a higher amount.

You don’t have to worry about your personal details being shared as they are kept confidential. Your display name, age and nationality needs to be provided and you will also have to accept the Terms and Conditions of the platform. It is not essential for you to use your actual name for registration. You can add whatever personal information you wish to provide including your social media profile, links to your website, residence itself and choose to make it public to other users.

If you decide you don’t want to use the account any more, it can also be deleted easily. You cannot reactivate your account again once it has been deleted. Furthermore, Richer than You also enables you to customize who can see your profile. Only your display name, amount paid and nationality is shown to everyone; other than that, you can choose to restrict your profile to people who have paid a certain amount or more. Those who have paid less than you can be prevented from checking certain details about you. So get started and join Richer than You right away. 

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