The Importance of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gift-giving involves offering appropriate gifts to clients in order to “thank” them for continuously bringing their business to the company, or to recognize outstanding employees for offering excellent services, going a step beyond their regular roles and responsibilities and even working during weekends and evenings when needed. In either case, corporate gifting exists to solidify and reinforce relationships between the giver and the receiver, be it a customer or a hard working employee.

While many companies give gifts as part of their service policies, some realize the potential and use this in their marketing strategies in order to apply a cost effective way when it comes to acquiring long-term clients or to increase the productivity of exceptional employees by rewarding them.

The Etiquette of Corporate Gifting

Before putting your gift ideas into practice, you must be aware about the proper way in doing so without committing certain errors when choosing the gift, or even insulting one of your clients or employees for various reasons.

The frequency of gifting should be limited to holidays and special celebrations; you do not want to create the wrong impression as if you are trying to bribe someone with too much lavish attention. The appropriateness of the gifts must be taken into account depending on every individual’s own personality. It is advisable not to get too personal with your gift ideas and if the client, for instance, is too professionally focused strictly on the business at hand, it is best not to try to impress him or her with excessive gifts, as this is something that could easily backfire and could cause you to lose your client in the long run.

Focusing on the person’s personality is the key. For instance, if you notice that your business partner or client is obsessed with golf, you could consider buying him a corporate gift basket such as a “golfer’s delight gift box”, or if your employee is a cheese connoisseur you could show your appreciation by purchasing a gourmet cheese gift basket or a relaxing spa gift basket.

The presentation of such corporate gift baskets is highly important in order to make the right impression when attempting to solidify a business relationship. The gift should be neatly and elegantly wrapped together with a personalized handwritten message card, this would convey your personal appreciation for investing time and effort in preparing the gift.

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