Advantages of a Wood Pellet Mill Machine

It is now known to all that the pellet machine is one kind of energy saving equipment that is gradually becoming more popular in these days. But with the development of our economy and society, some want it to be used at home for private or personal pelletizing, after which wood pellet is out.

With the help of High-Tech, pellet machines now produce particles without the use of a belt drive shaft. This is far more advanced compared to the previous. Its advantage is that this type of wood pellet mill machine doesn’t require the addition of water when producing particles. It is a dry-out type of machine. It is majorly used for either a personal feeding use, or small-scale use. The particles pelletized by these pelletizing machines are storable for a long time period, of as long as six months and even more without any problem. Grass meal, powder feed can be directly pelletized with a very little water required. This makes pellets’ moisture content to be almost same as the materials before pelletizing, and it is convenient for a long storage.

It also plays a bactericidal effect at the processing of small pellet machine operations. With the high temperature of 75 degree, micro-organism bacteria are out rightly killed without any negative effect on the quality of the material.

The pinch roller and templates are deliberately delicately made out of wear-resistant and high alloy materials. Hence, the small pellet machine has characters like- low noise, long service life, less occupied area, durability, wide applicability,  simple and reasonable structure, etc.

It is one fully completed machine which includes wood chipping machine, small pellet press, packing machine, hammer mill and many more.

Generally speaking, when referring to pellet milling machines, there are three usage differences in them, and they are as follows:

  1. The ring die pellet making machine: this is really a specialist when it comes to animal feed. Characterized by a lesser power consumption with a large output. This characteristic cannot be matched by the pellet making machine with flat die. Alongside some other reasons, the machine’s speed is lower when compared with its production. It is no doubt lesser than the ring pellet machine, but can highly suppress fine feed as a result due to its pressure.
  2. As a result of its structures, ring pellet mill machines’ pressure is in-adjustable, but will suppress materials requiring much pressure beyond the pressure load, which will result in roller bearing to wear. On the other hand, the flat pellet machines’ structure is simple with adjustable pressure, also adapt to various materials.
  3. Lastly, though the benefits of the flat die machine structure is less tear and wear, it has a small yield (generally it is 300kg-3,000kg). So, to use one of these machines to complete 3tons or more production, ring die pellet machine is your best option. Just that the machine must be limited to only grain corn stalks in such situation as they (grain corn stalks) are easy to press.

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