Educational Android Apps You Must Know About

Are you itching to add to your knowledge pool, but don’t have a budget to enroll in classes? In today’s technological world, nothing is a problem. As long as you don’t want to study something that’s incredibly specialized and niche, you can take advantage of some of these apps for enhancing your knowledge and learning something new without having to pay a whole lot of money and going to classrooms:


One of the best places where you can get online education is Coursera. They are able to provide quality education through their partnership with 100 plus universities from all over a globe and at a price that is affordable for everyone. They also offer a vast selection of courses, which are spread over more than 20 subjects and include 600 plus courses. While a schedule is followed by Coursera classes, it offers enough flexibility that you aren’t locked into particular times of the day. The classes are available in 14 languages and are interactive and you can download all the course content free of charge as per your convenience.

Khan Academy 

This is one of the top favorite websites as proven in the past few years. There are more than 4000 plus micro lectures available on this free online education platform, which are based on some complex university topics. However, they are written in simple language so just about anyone can understand it. You can learn about lots of subject areas under economics, science, computing, humanities, math and even test preparation. This app may be unofficial, but it can also be used offline without any internet connection.

TED Talks 

Sometimes a healthy dose of insight is necessary along with education. TED Talks is where you can turn to be enlightened. There is no other app that has such a large collection of interesting speakers all over the globe and they discuss subjects such as human psychology and behavior, learning how to be motivated, social media impact, creativity and passion and revolutionary social relationships. There are more than 1700 videos that you can explore and are available in 22 different languages.


You can even learn new languages through your Android. This Android app will teach you how to write, read and speak in 11 languages that are popular over the world. The techniques used by this app are impactful and intuitive as compared to reading dry books. A reputable framework called CEFR has been used for designing Busuu courses in order to learn new languages. You can also interact with native speakers through the app and has the ability of setting goals and tracking progress.

Star Chart 

This app is a must for all those people who love outer space because it brings the night sky right to your tablet or phone and gives it the ability of exploring. There are all 88 constellations in the app’s database and 120,000 different stars. You just tap on an entity and start learning about it through finger gestures and zooming. It is one of the best astronomy apps available on Android.

Other than the apps introduced above, several interesting apps can be found on Descargar Play Store and on Play Store APK.

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