How Much Would Go Out Of Your Pocket To Develop An App

App market has been going crazy in the past two years. More and more apps are being added to the various online repositories and there is a competition among the big giants to make their app stores bigger than each other’s. Look at the app facts of 2014 to know how people have been going crazy about applications regardless of the platform they were using. As more and more people continue to move to smartphones from their desktop computers, the demand is going to rise. But how much does it cost an app developer from his pocket to make an app?

The question is not as easy as it looks and you might not get a very straight answer to the question. It’s like asking how much it costs to make a house. Of course, different homes have different scenarios and there are hundreds of factors that can affect the cost of a house. For example, the area you are building the house in, the size of the house, the contractor, the materials being used in the house etc. are the various factors that will define the costs of building that house and so the answer cannot be a fixed figure.

The cost of developing an application depends on a lot of factors. The first and foremost factor is the type of application you want to develop. Secondly, it is important to know how professional looking you want your app to be. The more polished and professional you want the app the more money will go into its creation. When you make a basic application such as a cost calculator you could get away with it in just a few hundred or a couple of thousand dollars. The more complex your application the more money it will require. Some more interesting details in this regard can be found here.

For business the cost of developing an application also depends on the team that is used for developing. The more seasoned and reputable your developers are the more they will charge you for their services. Hiring freelance workers can always lower the costs of developing an application. However, most professional apps cannot be completed by just one app developer or two. A whole team is required to come up with the application and the costs go up when you have to pay these individuals. An application that serves as a fully-fledged database app can even cost you around $50,000.

If you are looking to build a game for any of the platforms you can prepare yourself for some big investment. As cute as they look, games are pretty complex forms of applications. Build a game as cool looking as Angry Birds and you are looking at costs of around $150,000. You might have to spend some money in promoting your application too and this is an important part. Don’t just expect people to know about your application when you have invested thousands of dollars in it. The better you market your product the higher your chances of making money from your application would be.

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