The Ultimate Gadget – The AR-15 Only Gets Better

The icy-cold breeze cut through my skin as I stared at my small steel target that was at least 100 yards away. It was difficult to focus as I was in the middle of a desert and I was certain that it had to be the coldest day in the history of Las Vegas. I was surrounded by members of the gun press. Their expectant looks almost pierced my soul. I was about to take my first shot with an AR-15!

In spite of growing up with guns, my experience with rifles was limited. I must have tried it maybe once or twice in the past. I was petrified at taking on the AR-15. Doubt clouded my mind and I really wanted to reconsider my decision, but I was there and simply had to take my shot. I flinched as I fired my very first shot which was way off the target. Thankfully the recoil wasn’t as bad as I had expected it to be. In fact, it felt good to take a shot with this amazing rifle. I fired the next shot only to hear the bullet ring the distant target. The next shot was bang on and all the ones that followed.

I seemed to be getting better with every shot and Justin Harvel, founder of Black Rain Ordnance and maker of the gun I was shooting with, sent a compliment or two my way. I assured him that it wasn’t me but the brilliance of the AR-15!

One unfortunate event of the deadly massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, gave the AR-15 a bad rep. Apart from this one freak incident, the AR-15 has quite the reputation of being the most famous rifle in America. The AR-15 is also known in its fully automatic version- the M16.

The rising popularity of the AR-15 has raised many questions in the recent times. Why would anyone want to own a deadly weapon such as the AR-15? Thanks to the rifle’s infinite accessorization capabilities, the folks of America have completely taken to it. In fact, the AR-15 can even be assembled from scratch. Now who wouldn’t want to put together a rifle from the start?

What makes things even better is that the options for AR-15 accessories are unlimited. There are a number of parts and accessories that you can add to suit your fancy. What’s more, the limitless AR-15 accessories can be put together with only a few simple tools. Expertise in gunsmithing isn’t required.

The first modified version of your very own AR-15 is obviously a great asset, but the widely available AR-15 accessories only get better. You’ll feel like taking your rifle a notch higher by modifying it again and again when you see the latest versions of the AR-15 accessories. No wonder the rifle has maintained record sales over the years.

Indeed, the AR-15 is a lot more than just a rifle! It’s your vision of how the ideal rifle must be! You’re the master creator and the entire collection of the AR-15 accessories- your highly pliable steel!

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