5 Great Ways in Running a Thriving Upsell and Cross-sell in the Online Store

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In the wake of the declining economy, a large number of retailers have been left scrambling to find effective ways for increasing their average order size and sales volume without needing to expand their marketing budget. How can you increase your sales when consumers are reducing their spending and your revenues are declining? It has been stated by experts that upselling and cross-selling in the online store can help your business thrive. Here are five tips that can come in handy for this purpose:

1- Recommend accessories and supplements to products. 

One of the best ways to persuade consumers to purchase a greater number of products, you can recommend them supplements and accessories to products they are buying. When website visitors are viewing a particular product or add it to their cart, you can list the related accessories or supplements that are needed to make the product work efficiently. Most customers may not be aware of these items so they won’t look for it. This increases your chances of making a greater sale.

2- Create bundles and packages. 

When you are looking to boost your sales and revenue, you can choose to tempt customers to spend more by offering irresistible packages and bundles of products they like. There are lots of people who prefer to shop in bulk so they will not want to miss the chance of shopping when discounted packages and bundles are being offered, especially of products that are otherwise expensive.

3- Recommend products with improvements based on characteristics.

Today, there are numerous manufacturers making a product. They compete with each other by offering different features with their product to make it unique. When customers visit your online store hunting for a product, they are more likely to opt for the cheapest option available. Here you can apply the practice of upselling, which involves offering them premium versions of the same product that has a lot more to give in terms of characteristics, features and specifications.

4- Use cross-category connections. 

When customers add items to their wish list or their car or move to check out, you can take advantage of an ecommerce product recommendations engine, such as Softcube, which can show them items of related or similar categories that they can also purchase. This is a lot like the impulse buying strategy used by stores where items are placed near the checkout counter to tempt people to buy those things. The same technique can also be used in online shopping where cross-category connections are used for convincing customers to shop more.

5- Offer free shipping after a certain amount is reached. 

In order to motivate customers to buy expensive and costly products, you can offer them free shipping after their shopping cart has reached a certain amount. If they are purchasing cheap items, the customers will add more items in order to qualify for free shipping. The rise in average order will give your sales the nudge they need and enable you to earn more revenue. 

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