7 Ways to Make Sure Your Company Finances are Secure

In order to maintain a healthy state of operations at your company, you must be able to ensure that your finances are secure. If the wrong person gains access to your company funds, this could mean a huge disaster for your business. When it comes to company finances, being thorough is a key to lasting financial security.

Here are seven ways to ensure that your company finances will remain secure.

Background Checks

If your business requires you to allow employees to handle company funds and account information, then it is critical to do background checks on anyone involved in this process. If a person is unable to pass a level-two background check, then it is not a good idea to hire them. The risk is simply too great to your business’s ability to operate.

Check Your Accounts Regularly

By regularly scrutinizing your company’s bank account and credit line information, you will get in the habit of catching unauthorized activity quickly. If you see something that just does not sound right, especially when it involves the use or transfer of large sums of money, then it is a must to investigate these transactions. Remember, this is your company and you are not in business to lose money due to someone else’s playing around.

Use a Dedicated Computer

One way to tighten up the financial security of your company around the office is to only perform banking functions and paying company bills from a single dedicated computer. By limiting access through a single computer, preferably one in your office, this will limit the amount of people in your business who have access to company accounts and funds.

Securing Your Network

Many companies are forced into a position of needing secure computer networks in order to ensure the financial security of their business. If sensitive company or client data is leaked from your in-house network, this information could be used by anyone to obtain access to accounts and funds. Installing the proper firewalls and monitoring software to detect unauthorized network activity early on is always a smart security measure to take to protect your company finances from a cyber-attack.

Shutting Down Operations

It is evening and no one is supposed to be using the office computers anyway. To severely limit unauthorized access to your company’s sensitive financial information, power down any computers that provide access to such information. At the very least, you will want to unplug your computers from the Internet, making it impossible for hackers and data thieves to engage your system when no one is around.

Encrypt Financial Data

If the financial data that your company relies on is encrypted, this is going to make it less likely that others getting their hands on such data will be able to use it to do harm to your company. Account numbers that look like a garbled mess are not much use to a lucky hacker. Only a hacker with an ability to circumvent encryption measures would be able to use such data.

Pay with Checks

When it comes to keeping your company finances secure in a modern computer age, paying with checks will frustrate data thieves everywhere. With it being so easy to order personal checks with free shipping online, there is no reason to hesitate ensuring that your company will have a solid paper trail to follow that makes it possible to trace where all your company’s money has gone.


If you do not take careful action to secure your company’s finances, then someone will eventually take advantage of your business negligence. Your company should be making money that remains firmly under your own control. It may take extra time to ensure that your business finances are secure, but this is time invested into the state of your company’s financial security. 

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