Bermotech- Coding and Programming for Young Minds

Photo courtesy of Todd Ludwig

If you saw the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) 2015 conducted by Apple or statistics from Google IO, then you are probably aware of the huge potential of mobile apps. More and more businesses and organizations are going mobile each day and everyone wants to make the most of this exciting and new technology. Previously, it wasn’t easy for everyone to do so and there were only a limited number of individuals who had the expertise. Nowadays, even kids can learn how to make apps, code and program. There are lots of institutions offering these programs and one of them is Bermotech.

Based in London, the institute offers a range of mobile app development and programming courses for young minds. You can find a wide variety of programs that are designed for children belonging to different age groups. From kids who are programming for the first time to those who have had plenty of experience, the right course is available at Bermotech. They also offer corporate training solutions. There are separate courses for children between the ages of 6-8, 9-12 and 13-17. The structure and content of the courses are tailored to the interests and abilities of students of that age.

The best part about Bermotech is that they offer holiday tech camps for kids, which run all week and are available during the school holidays and half-term breaks. Young kids who begin coding from an early age can go from being passive users to becoming technology innovators. There are a plethora of courses provided by Bermotech for coding enthusiasts of various ages and abilities. Some of them are outlined below:

Android and iOS App development courses that’s idea for all those teenagers and kids who have wondered how they can make their own awesome apps for smartphones.
Bermotech also offers a LEGO Mindstoras aims course, which is aimed at children with a passion for creating and computing as it allows them to develop and program their own LEGO robot.
There is an Electronics with Arduino course, which can be of interest to teenagers who want to know how to program their own hardware.
You can also find Java and Python programming courses that have been designed for teenagers and are based on the fundamentals of the GCSE Computer Science curriculum. The advantage of this course is that not just it can be of use to those who are appearing for this exam, but those who aren’t taking Computer Science GCSE can also opt for this course.
A Website and Development course is also offered for children as young as 9 years, which can enable them to build their own website.

The youngsters are provided with a printed binder that contains all the course materials along with detailed instructions. In each course, there are only six participants to provide individual attention and experience to the students. CEO and founder of Bermotech, Narges Berry teaches the different courses because she has some amazing computing qualifications to her name. Hence, in the current technological climate, sending your kids to Bermotech to learn some coding and programming is an excellent decision. 

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