Tips for Effective Social Media Marketing in Fairfield CT

Image credit: Kathleen Donovan via Flickr

If you have a brick and mortar business in Connecticut and you want to institute a social marketing campaign, you got to know how it works first.

Here are a few tips for an effective social media marketing in Fairfield CT.

Target the Right Audience

Before starting the campaign spend some time on different Social media sites and determine those people who are likely do their shopping or use the services in Fairfield. Then spend some time identify those people or groups that are most likely to want the products or services your business offers. For example if you have a clothing boutique that caters to plus size women, then that is going to be the type of shopper you want to target. Targeting those motorcycle enthusiasts or those people interesting in bird watching isn’t going to increase your business nor is it considered to be an effective marketing technique.

Establish Communications with Your Target Audience

Keep in mind that social media is a place to socialize so it is essential that you establish communications with your target audience. Learn to spend some time each day commenting on the posts of different people, sharing personal interests as well as discussing your business interests, discover what your audience would most like to learn about such as sales days, special offers, or the introduction of new products and make sure to include these things in your social media marketing.

Be friendly, and let potential customers know the real you. Studies have shown that when customers feel as though they personally know the faces behind the business they are more apt to spend money supporting the business.

Use the Right Tools

There are several different tools that can help you find the right target market and to learn what locals are saying about your business. For instance is a great tool to discover what information about your business people are passing to one another. You simply type in your businesses name or address and you will be able to see all the social media posts within your proximity so that you can find out who is talking about your business, services or products and what them saying about it. This will help you to fine tune your marketing to offer those things your target audience wants from your business.

Tap Into Your Customers Sense of Fun

As part of your marketing strategy tap into your customers sense of fun. For example you run contests or other feature a game or even the occasional strange shopping times to help hold current customers interests and give them a chance to enjoy themselves.

Forget the Hard Sell

Never, push your products or services or try for the hard sale. This will only alienate future customers and could actually harm your business rather than help it. It is much better to keep your post informational and let your potential customers know what you have to offer without trying to actually sell them. While customers like knowing about available products and services they don’t want those services or products shoved down their throats.

By following these few tips you are much more likely to have an effective social media marketing campaign in Fairfield, CT.

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