Business Ideas You Should Think About

Many more Americans are looking to start their own business than ever before, and with good reason. While the job market is down in the U.S., many are finding this as a welcome opportunity to attempt to seize their dreams and take control of their lives with business ownership. With that said, there are literally hundreds of different types of business opportunities to consider. If you have seed capital and are looking for a fulfilling business that both pays your bills and leaves you feeling better about what you do, here are some great ideas below.

Food Truck

While many new business owners start out with a restaurant, a food truck allows you to get “closer to the action” and maintain a more hands-on role in your business. Another advantage to a food truck is that you own the property with minimal investment. There are fewer worries about lease agreements and other property related matters. Once you’ve found the ideal location and the style of food you’re interested in cooking, you can move from idea to execution in just weeks, as opposed to the months typically associated with starting a new restaurant.

Auto Dealership

Since almost everyone is interested in buying a car at one point or another, another great idea is to start an auto dealership. While there is a good amount of seed capital required to start a car dealership, largely in real estate and inventory, a car dealership is almost a turnkey business. Once you have your car dealer software in place to “follow” what’s selling and what’s not with a capable sales force, you can eventually predict which cars will be more popular in future years and adapt to changing tastes. This makes it easy for you to profit with changing times.


If you have a huge skill in the business world that you want to leverage on your own, consider a consulting business. Consultants have the freedom to determine their own role and work with whomever they want, while helping companies develop specializations in your chosen field. When it comes to “white-collar” businesses, consultants are often used in sales, management, human resources, and information technology, but the truth is that there are experts who work as independent consultants in almost any business that you can think of. If you’d like to share the power of your skill while retaining control over your own life, consultancy may be a way to go.

Smart Device Repair

Since almost everyone today has either a smart device, whether it might be a smartphone or a tablet, getting into the smart device repair field is a great idea for those with a background in such fields. While this probably requires less seed capital than the other businesses mentioned above, it’s extremely useful to have a tech background and to not be afraid to get into the heart of the smart device. This is a skills-based business and not one that anyone can simply jump into. With that said, those who are willing to do so have the potential for maximum profit in the field.

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