How a Business Administration Degree can Help you Grow your Business

Photograph: The University of the South / Flickr

Starting your own business is a complex, yet very rewarding process. Growing your business has its own challenges. Small business owners must deal with a variety of commercial challenges, such as growth forecasting, changing market plans, operations expansion and new technology solutions. Therefore, a business administration degree is an excellent way to properly grow your business.

The information below explains how a business administration degree can help expand your business.

Core Competencies

A business administration degree teaches learners the core skills needed to make any business successful. These include accounting, operations, management and human resources. Understanding the different aspects of business analysis, planning and forecasting is essential for commercial success. For example, being able to understand the hiring process and how to retain employees is critical to maintaining your workforce. In addition to this, business owners must have strong communication skills, know to how negotiate and understand the legal environment. Every business owner must have basic core competencies in order to be successful.

Future Growth

A business administration degree will give you both the skills and vision to expand your business. While your business may not expand to the international level, you can still expand your business locally or in different ways. For example, you may increase your online business in response to market changes. Having a business administration degree will give you the necessary skills to be able to adapt to changes and stay competitive. Smart risk-taking can only happen if the business owner has critical thinking skills, business expertise and a solid educational background.

Cost Reductions

One of the biggest challenges of being a small business owner is having to rely on yourself for everything. A business administration degree provides the fundamental skills and knowledge needed for a variety of business essentials. The key to cost reductions is to be able to personally handle different demanding business areas, such as sales, logistics and customer relations management. For example, instead of paying for an accountant, you can manage your own finances. Instead of outsourcing to a temp agency for new hires, you can screen and hire employees yourself.

In conclusion, a bachelors of business administration is an excellent way to safely expand your business while improving your own education at the same time. Keep in mind that continuing education is a key to the success of any business owner. 

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