How to Prepare for Taking Your Startup Online

Photograph: Philippe Lewicki / Fickr

Taking your startup online is a big step in the development of your company, and it’s not something to take lightly. While the success of any business can’t be guaranteed, there are certain steps you can take to minimize your risk and improve your chances of succeeding in an extremely competitive online world. Start by evaluating your capital and deciding how much you can afford to spend on your online initiative.

Hire IT Professionals

Before you take your startup online, you need to make sure your infrastructure is secure. Hiring IT professionals to check and secure your network and infrastructure may cost a little initially, but the pay-off is well worth it. IT services can help you secure your website, establish eCommerce solutions that work properly and help you tweak your website so that it loads quickly and without errors. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your hosting provider will keep your website secure. You need to take the initiative and hire professionals to ensure everything runs properly. Companies like Bedrock’s IT services can test and protect your website before you launch. If you launch without thorough testing and something goes wrong, these managed services in Ottawa can help repair the damage and make sure new customers have a good experience on your site.

Secure Your Local Market

When you go online, don’t forget to include location-optimized information to ensure new customers can find you. Your business location is going to be the way many people find your store in the first place. Leaving this information off your website is a detriment to your overall business strategy and as you expand online, you want to have a solid local base to build from. Your local customers tend to be more loyal and can help you weather storms when other forms of online revenue dry up.

Prepare Effective Content

Create content for your website to make it possible for others to find you in search engines with a good SEO strategy. Post helpful articles related to your business, or hire a blogger to keep the content side of your company active. Nobody will find your website unless you have highly targeted information people are searching for. If you’re an international company, make sure to translate your content into other languages as well.

If you prepare good content, secure your website, and effectively manage your existing customer-base, you should be able to market your business online. Create a plan of action and put it into place so your small business can grow and succeed in the digital world. With this tips you will likely need to modify your plan as you go and keep in mind you should have alternatives in place to ensure a smooth transition.

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