How to Refer a Lyft Driver

Image credit: Garrett Heath / Flickr
Referring a driver to Lyft is a great way to grow the driver community and can be a quick and easy way to make a little extra cash.

New drivers use a Lyft driver promo code at signup, and receive a double-sided bonus once they complete a certain amount of rides. That means that the both the new and referring driver get paid. So how do existing Lyft drivers refer a new driver?

Referring a driver is easy, and can be done entirely though the Lyft driver portal. All you have to do is log into the portal, navigate to the Referral Dashboard section, and then enter the email address of the friend you want to refer. The link that is sent will walk them step-by-step through the process, making it pretty much a hands-off process for you. If the referred driver fulfills the new driver bonus requirements, you will both get a bonus!

How much is the referral bonus?

The amount of the new Lyft driver referral bonus will vary by which city the new driver signs up in. Bonuses range from as little as $50 to as much as $750 in areas such as Chicago, Boston, and New York City. These bonuses change often, so make sure you double check what you are signing up for before you apply.

Do new drivers need to use my referral code?

Yes, new Lyft drivers that you refer need to enter your Lyft driver referral code when they initially sign up to drive if you want to be eligible for the bonus. Unfortunately, Lyft is not able to grant retroactive credit to drivers who don’t sign up with a code, so make sure they don’t forget. When in doubt, help walk them through the process if they have any questions.

How many new Lyft drivers can an existing driver refer?

According to Lyft, you can invite as many new drivers as you want. I have found that the easiest way to get people to drive is to just casually bring it up in conversation. More often than not, the people you are talking to will find it very cool and will sign up to drive.

But make sure not to cram it down people’s throats or do something annoying like spamming a forum trying to get people to sign up. If they want to sign up, they will, but don’t be that guy that that is too pushy. (Yes, I had to say that).

Now that you know how to refer a Lyft driver, get out there and start referring!

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