Is International SEO Really A Thing To Worry About?

Image credit: Marcela Palma / Flickr

You might not want to do it because it requires more work but it has to be done when you are an international company. International SEO is very important for large enterprises and any companies that have target audience located in different regions in the world. Even more important is the choice of your SEO. You have to understand that a person living in America might not be well aware of the culture and language difference of another part of the world. Having a website in English means you have most of the people covered but not all.

When you have a business that is known internationally you have to become a representative of every nation that supports your business by buying your products or subscribing to your services. Creating a website for the people of a country in their language can really make a big difference. You might think that this is an unnecessary expense since you have Google Translator in your access and you can simply translate the English version of your website into the desired language but this is a big mistake. If you are thinking of trusting Google translate for translating in other languages, you are making a huge mistake.

Google translate application is not a good solution because your translation will be wrong in many places. Furthermore, you cannot think of targeting the audience in a country unless you are aware of the culture of that country. What terms people like to use the most on the internet, what particular products they search for, what is the common term they use for searching a term in their country etc. are all important questions that you need to answer before implementing an SEO strategy all across your websites. For example, what Americans known as airplanes are known as aeroplanes in the UK.

If you are looking for a cookie sheet then you are definitely from America. If you were from the UK you would have been searching for the same item but while calling it baking tray. These difference need to be understood before someone can take the job of doing SEO for your website. Another important thing you need to know is that not everyone in this world uses Google for searching things online. Some countries have their own searching engines and while Google might still be the top used search engine there, other search engines also get a lot of traffic there.

You will have to optimize the website not only for Google but other search engines as well if there is a different search engine popular in a particular region of the world. You also have to understand that people like to buy in different ways in different regions. Americans might prefer to pay online for things but in Southern Asia people still prefer the cash-on-delivery method over any other method of payment.

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