Know The Eco Friendly Yet High Performance Bamboo Speakers

Most companies would design their products and boast their efforts for combining great design with technology.

There are very few companies that can combine great technology, amazing design and an eco-friendly concept in their products. That’s what Ecobeat has done with its amazing lineup of Bluetooth speakers. These speakers from the company are probably the most unique Bluetooth speakers you can get on the market today. There are dozens of reasons to purchase them and prefer them over other speakers available out there. The most impressive thing about them is that they are made of bamboo.

Bamboo is known for its fast growth. It is fully natural and the rate at which it grows is mind blowing and leaves any other plant behind. Bamboo is also known for its self-regenerating qualities that you don’t find in other plants and especially its competitor timber. When you harvest bamboo you don’t have to plant new because its new shoots will start to grow with the same startling growth rate naturally. Did you know that some species of bamboo grow nearly about 4cm in one hour? Ecobeat must be given credit for choosing such an amazing thing for its Bluetooth speakers.

While using these bamboo speakers you can also rest assured that you are not using any plastic and fiber speakers. The more plastic you use the more our environment gets polluted with a material that our environment cannot kill for thousands of years unless recycled. Now, let’s look into the great features of these speakers from Ecobeat. Ecobeat speakers are the portable Bluetooth speakers that you can take with you anywhere you want. Their size is just perfect to make them amazingly portable. However, the company has not compromised on the quality of its sound at all just to give the speakers a compact size.

These portable Bluetooth speakers are available in many different shapes. There is Eco one, Lotus and The Cube. Each style looks completely different from the other style. Ecobeat one is cylinder shaped with the speakers on its top. The cube is just a cube and the lotus is a beautiful lotus shape that rests on its side. The speakers are available in the most natural color you could imagine. The Ecobeat one is only 7.2cm tall but the company confidently claims that its performance will make you fall in love with it.

If you have a non-rigid laptop bag you can easily carry these speakers around with you wherever you want. But there is something even more interesting coming with these speakers than putting them in your laptop bag. There is a beautiful cotton bag that comes with the speakers so you can put your speakers in the bag and keep them protected from dust and envious eyes. You can charge them quickly and with just one charge you will be able to play these speakers for up to 5 hours. This time when you plan your picnic make sure you have your Ecobeat Bluetooth speakers packed in their cotton bag first thing.

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