Knowing The Basics Of Web Hosting

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If you use internet for emailing, watching videos and socializing, you might not have the best idea of web hosting. The concept is quite easy to understand and a very important one to understand when you are thinking of having your own website. It is not big thing today to have your own website. It would not be wrong to say that almost everyone in the world should have a website. This way every person in the world will have presence in the online world as well. You don’t necessarily need to have a website only if you have a business.

What if you are good at playing some musical instrument? Wouldn’t you want to show the world your talent? Is there any other way better than having your own website? When you create w website you first have to buy a domain name. The domain name is the name of your website. It has to be a unique name and should not match the name of any other website on the internet. However, when you have purchased the domain name you need to create a website underneath this name i.e. upload images, videos, write content and do a lot of graphics related work.

Where do you think all of this data would go? The images, videos, animations and text content all need some space where they are stored. That’s when you have to buy space on the internet. This space is provided by companies that have powerful servers whose specifications are literally 10 times better than the specs on your personal computer at home. On this computer you are provided with storage space for every bit of content you upload to your website, bandwidth to allow users to interact with the data and download it, security protocols to make your website secure, etc.

Every time a user in the world opens your website he is connected to the server on which your website is resting. As the user browses through pages and downloads content he is actually interacting with the server. One of the main reasons why people choose these servers is because they are owned by companies that have especially designed environments to keep servers safe and running. What this means is that their servers are almost always running so every time someone opens your website in any corner of the world your website can be accessed without any problems. This website can help you evaluate hosting companies and choose the best one.

If the server is down for some reason your website will also go down and users will not be able to access it. The company hosting your website on its servers is called the web host. Your website is called the website but the name of your website is called the domain name. The domain name is actually an IP address of your website having a coating of alphabets on it for humans to understand. The most important thing to find out when you are looking for a web host for your website is the down time. Avoid  down time as much as possible.

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