Recover Data from Formatted Drive Easily

In actual use, computer hard drive is a huge database for storing and transferring data within the computer or from computer to external storage device. So it can be seen that hard drive plays an important role in the computer operation.

However, accidents constantly happen though users have taken actions to protect the partition data. Sometimes, users format a partition just by mistake, but this leads to data loss in the partition anyhow. When meeting this case, users must be very depressed because they think the data is lost completely and permanently. This is because unlike the consequence of deleting, the formatted data cannot be found in recycle bin. And it is really hard for common users to recover data from formatted drive on their own.

But the fact is not like what users thought. Even though formatting erases all data and related information, the formatted partition can be restored by making use of file recovery software, such as Power Data Recovery. Users can download one from Internet for free and then they can perform formatted data restoration in Windows by themselves. Well, let’s go to see how to recover data from formatted drive with this recovery software.

Run Power Data Recovery and choose “Damaged Partition Recovery” to set about the recovery.

Select the formatted partition and click “Full Scan” to scan it completely.

After scanning, tick the found files that were once in the formatted partition and hit “Save” in the lower right corner to save them to another intact partition. Then, users can close Power Data Recovery and go to view the restored data in the specified partition.

This is the process of how to recover data from formatted drive. In daily use, users also encounter data loss because of careless deletion or virus attack, or data in other storage devices, like memory card and U disk get lost due to soft error. On these occasions, they also can achieve lost data recovery by utilizing this software. 

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